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Bannatyne Health Club Blog



The Bannatyne Health Club blog is here to offer you the latest in all aspects of fitness, nutrition, health and inspirational staff and member stories. 

Calories Explained

It’s no wonder we’re confused!

On one hand, we have more information than ever before on nutrition and exercise but on the other hand, we have more misinformation than ever before.

With this easy access to a wealth of information, both good and bad, we actually end up worse off than we ever were before.  Who do we trust, is there a quick fix, why does one article tell me to do the exact opposite of the other?!


A beginners guide to an effective warm up

How many of us see members or clients say 'I'll just warm up quickly'? 

This normally consists of a few quick minutes on the treadmill/ X-trainer to get the heart rate up. While this is not inherently a bad thing, we are missing vital components of the warm up that will not only improve performance but decrease the risk of injury. 


Bannatyne Success Stories

Our members are amazing. 

Check out some of their fitness success stories here! 


A beginners introduction to fitness classes

The apprehension… The other people looking… The uncertainty... It’s completely natural to feel this wide range of emotions on your first ever trip to a fitness class. Anything that is foreign or alien is always going to be a challenge...


Everything you need to know about MYZONE

The introduction of MYZONE belts into Bannatyne clubs has allowed both customers and fitness advisors to enter into a whole new level of accountability within their training... 


4 reasons why fat won’t make you fat

“Fat will make you fat!” This is something we have had drilled into our heads from a young age, from ‘‘low fat alternatives’ for every food under the sun, to the media demonizing fat as something to be feared....


Training: Expectations Vs Reality

Everyone has seen the latest fitness magazines with a different workout every other month, promising abs of steel in 4 weeks or the worlds hardest punch in just 15 minutes a day…


No Equipment? No Excuse!

Bodyweight exercises require no equipment or financial backing but are so easy to carry out and can provide you with the same results. These types of workouts can be completed almost anywhere with a bit space and they don’t require any supervision....


From Zumba to 10k… The diary of a non-running Dance Fitness Instructor

Having worked for Bannatyne for 20 years this year, I decided I needed a new challenge. My 73 year old father and my 16 year old son, both Bannatyne members and keen runners, thought it would be a great idea to sign me up for a local 10k run in September...


7 injury prevention tips you’ll want to know

Having suffered injuries myself over my six year career in the fitness industry I can’t express how important it is to look after your body. In this blog I’ve listed several ways you can prevent injuries if you work out in a gym environment...


Revolution-ise Your Fitness - The benefits of group cycling

Over recent year's group exercise has become increasingly popular, with many fitness fanatics taking to classes to achieve their goals. At the forefront of this exercise revolution is Indoor Cycling, the high intensity cycling class that incorporates both cardio and resistance training....


The importance of a Strong Core

The core muscles are one of the most important (yet most neglected) muscle groups we have in our bodies. As a regular gym user I’m often asked “how much do you bench?” However I have never been asked “how long do you hold a plank for?”


Bannatyne News

Read all about our latest investment and see what exciting things are coming next in the brand new Bannatyne News!


£5000 holiday winner - Kay's Story

Kay, from Burton-on-Trent, is one of the lucky winners of our £5000 holiday vouchers!

Kay won the voucher through our ‘Join a friend’ competition, where members can win prizes if someone that they refer, signs up as a full-time member....