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Ryan from Solihull's success story

Ryan from Solihull's success story

Ryan, a member at our Solihull health club and member of the month, has shared his story to support and inspire members across all our clubs.

“After joining Bannatyne’s in May I have achieved some results I’m very proud of, losing almost 10kg in weight and maintaining my muscle mass in the first six weeks. I am now two weeks into the next part of my plan aiming to build muscle mass and I can already feel the difference.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here and I can’t wait to get the next set done because I’m now confident it’s one step closer to my goal! I do have to say, commitment is only a small part of it as without Patty, the whole team and the environment Bannatyne’s has to offer, I wouldn’t have got this far so thank you to all the staff and members and thank you for member of the month. I very much feel part of a community here and not just another sub for the books.”