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Bannatyne Success Stories

Bannatyne Success Stories

Yasmin - Luton

Yasmin Miah, a member of our Luton club, has shared her inspirational weight loss story with us.

Yasmin said: “It started with me standing outside the Bannatyne Luton club waiting for some friends one evening in 2016. I was eating a hotdog while watching people walk in and out of the gym thinking to myself ‘I REALLY need to join the gym’.

“At that point, I was a size 14 heading to a 16, weighing over 11 stones. I was content with my life, but my weight was something that I always felt so self-conscious about. Something in that moment just switched and, after finishing the hotdog (obviously), I walked into the gym and asked to become a member.

“Luckily for me, my best friend was also a member at the time, and she eased me into gym life. I started by taking part in Metafit classes two to three times a week and this is what kick-started the process for me. It gave me a starting point and basically something to do!

“It was incredibly hard work to start with, and at the end of every class I was always ready to just about collapse. My body would constantly ache but something about that pain became quite addictive, in that it allowed me and others to begin to see changes in myself both physically and mentally…it was working!

“Alongside this, I began to change my eating habits, making healthier food choices and eating smaller portions.

“Even though I had started to lose weight, I was SO apprehensive to go onto the gym floor and didn’t even go in the first few weeks of joining. When I eventually ventured up the stairs, I would only ever go to use the cardio machines. I’d often admirably watch other people, especially women, who were confident enough to go into the weights section and wish I could be one of those one day.

“It wasn’t until the B:Conditioned and B:Corefit classes started that I finally built up the courage to step into that part of the gym that once felt so alien and threatening to me.

“Again, it was challenging at first, but I soon learned that taking part in those classes two to three times a week, was supporting me in becoming more confident in learning/doing new exercises and all the while, helping me to feel better about myself.

“It’s because of a few instructors such as Michal, Scott, Dan, Caroline and Raynar (to name a few), who constantly push you and set the bar so high that it makes training and working out so much more rewarding and motivating.

“Alongside doing my regular classes, I began personal training sessions with Jamie on a weekly basis which was further improving my strength and general wellbeing. I began reaching targets I never would have dreamed of like deadlifting 120kg.

“Although I’m still on my journey, currently I’m a size 8-10 and weigh 8.6 stone. I am so thankful to those who have given me the tools and belief in myself that I can achieve my goals. I can wholeheartedly say, joining Bannatyne and making those lifestyle choices were some of the best choices I have made.”

Ana - Peterborough

We have been chatting to Ana, a member of our Peterborough club, about her fitness journey.

“My name is Ana and I joined Banatayne Peterborough in March 2018, with the objective of losing weight and changing my sedentary lifestyle. Since then I’ve lost almost two stone!

“I am not new to the gym or to the world of fitness and weight loss over the 31 years of my life I’ve tried pretty much every diet and plan under the sun…and failed miserably at them all. This time was no different, until I met Em!

“We hit it off on one of her classes and she offered to do my induction. I was a bit dubious because I didn’t think I needed one, I was just going to do the exercise and follow my own thing, after all I’ve been to this gym before, there’s nothing this girl could add to my knowledge. Boy was I wrong! Em was funny, positive, kept me in check and motivated, gave a nutrition plan and plenty of advice and was always available to put up with my random questions.

“I guess the key for success here is that Em didn’t give up on me even after I had. Life got in the way and I lost my motivation completely, wanting to go back to old habits and just throw in the towel.

“But my PT, my new friend, this person who I thought was going to tell me off, picked me up and made me see that we are all human and one lost battle doesn’t mean we’ve lost the war. It’s ok to cheat, its ok to have a bad day and eat cake, its ok to go out and have some drinks, just not every day and if we do that, then we need to work harder at the gym.

“Em taught me that I needed to be honest with myself, be mindful of what I was doing and keep the goal within sight to achieve anything. It was Em’s confidence and friendship that brought me this far and I know it will take me where I need to be and for that, I’ll be forever grateful to her!”

Kate - Milton Keynes

Kate joined our Milton Keynes club around a year and half ago. Kate weighed 93kg in April and now weighs 70kg, she was a yo-yo dieter with a very inconsistent fitness regime. When she first joined, she attended classes twice a week because the thought of the gym was daunting which many new starters can relate to. 

Starting with her diet, followed by a commitment to a mixture of classes and gym sessions, Kate’s attendance increased to 5/6 times per week, and just like that, she found her passion for fitness! 

The fitness team at the Milton Keynes club has helped Kate in her fitness journey, even with Shola supporting her achieving her first pull up. She still has a way to go in her fitness journey, but it has given her the confidence to be the best version of herself. This has not only been a physical change but has driven her determination and changed her mindset.

This is a fantastic achievement and we wish you all the best on your continued journey.

Hayley - Norwich West

Meet Hayley, a member of our Norwich West club. She has made an incredible transformation since becoming a member! Hayley took the time to answer a few questions about how she managed to smash her fitness goals:

How much weight have you lost? Since 1st January 2019, I have lost 18kg. 

What type of training are you undertaking currently at the gym? I am currently focusing on bodybuilding. I work out four days and rest one day, working out two muscle groups each session.  What inspired you to start? My mother uploaded a picture of me to Facebook from Christmas Day 2018; the moment I saw the picture I was mortified. I always knew that I was overweight, I’d already lost a lot of baby weight since my son was born in 2018 and thought that I looked great. I burst into tears and asked my husband how he could love me when I was so fat, unhealthy and miserable. Thankfully his response was that he’d always love me no matter what (perhaps he just knew what to say!).

Even so, that’s when I decided that I had to change my lifestyle. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, continue feeling unhappy and unattractive nor would I continue promoting an unhealthy diet and lifestyle for my two children. I joined a slimming club and signed up for Norwich Run, a 10k run in July. By signing up, and my husband deciding to sign up too to support me, I was forced to start running and train for the event. The weight gradually came off and I was able to jog a little further every day.

After 6 weeks, people were commenting on how great I looked, and I was able to run 5km without stopping. Yet as the weight came off, I felt saggy and my skin felt floppy. That’s when I knew that weight training was the way to go so, I signed up to the gym. As many women, and possibly men, will be able to relate to, I was terrified of the machines and free weights; I didn’t know where to start and felt like an outsider – an overweight lady - going into a strong man’s world.

But since that day, I have fallen in love with doing those ‘scary strong men’ exercises and I love the pain I feel in every squat, deadlift and all other lifts. I no longer feel afraid of the big machines or the benches, nor do I feel embarrassed to work out even when there are no other women in the weight training area. My body is changing for the better; I’m feeling strong, confident and attractive for the first time in my life, and I’m loving the challenges, both psychical and mental, that weight training brings. What I know for sure is that I am never going back to the life I had before. I’m still at the beginning of my weight training journey and I’m excited to see where it takes me. Has any particular member of staff helped you at all in your fitness journey?  Elliot, who ran most of the B classes I attended, was super inspirational and motivational. Although I haven’t had any individual contact with him out of these classes, I am thankful for the motivation and push he gave me as I began my fitness journey.  Well done Hayley, we are all very proud! 

Molly - Worksop

We have been chatting with Molly, a member of our Worksop club. Molly has taken the time, effort and dedication to not only start, but also excel with her own fitness journey with no signs of stopping any time soon! 

Molly said: "The gym is fully stocked with cardio and weights equipment, very clean and tidy club plus the friendly and personable atmosphere among club members and staff alike make Bannatyne a great place to be.” 

The motivation to start using the gym in club was pursuit of better mental health, to lose weight and overall live a healthier lifestyle. These goals, backed up with hard work and dedication from Molly, alongside the support and encouragement from the team made it soon become obvious that we were onto another winner!

 When you start to witness the results from all the time and effort put in it makes the positive changes you start to see develop in yourself quite addictive! 

Molly continued: "I signed up for the minimum 12 months to see how it goes but the time has flown by, I'm motivated and inspired enough to continue on this journey, the club is now firmly part of my routine and my life!"

Well done Molly!

Diane - Lowestoft

Diane has been a member of Bannatyne Lowestoft since April 2018. She has been training with personal trainer, Beckie, for the last 12 months, and has achieved some huge results!!

As well as her normal PT sessions with Beckie, Di has also taken up our Hatton personal training course for the last three months. By doing both one session of each, the results she has achieved are amazing, and check them out below!

Weight: 97.6kg to 85.4kg
BMI: 34.7 to 30.6
Visceral Fate: Level 20 to Level 18
Body Fat %: 47.7% to 42.8%
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 27.8kg to 26.8kg
Overall InBody Score: 53 to 61

Diane said: "I get to punch my Personal Trainer for 45 minutes, it's amazing!"

Well done on achieving your results so far, Di! Keep up the hard work, you've got this!

John - Bury 

John Khayser, a member of our Bury St Edmunds club, has shared his fitness journey with us.

John said: “I have been aware of age-related muscle loss for some time now and decided that I needed to be proactive and do something about it. Less muscle means greater weakness and less mobility, both of which may increase risk of falls and fractures and being in my 60s this became of concern for me.

“Due to a hip replacement that I had five years ago, I am unable to run or participate in any high impact activity, so when I became a member of Bannatyne Bury St Edmunds three and a half years ago, I decided to attend bodypump, which I have continued to do two or three times a week and remain enthusiastic. 

“What I enjoy about bodypump is that you work all of the muscle groups and there has been a notable improvement in the tone and definition of my physique and this helps in motivating me even further. This has contributed to my confidence in my appearance, my weight being controlled and feeling mentally tough.

“It is no coincidence; the fantastic instructors ensure that the classes do not become mundane. The regular instructors and classes that are available are a welcome break from my rather otherwise sedentary daily 9am to 5pm work routine.”

Amanda - Mansfield

We have been chatting to Amanda Lee, a member of our Mansfield club, about her fitness journey.

Amanda said: “I joined Bannatyne Mansfield after trying out a few Zumba classes in a village hall because I was keen to lose weight and improve my fitness.

“I started with the aqua classes with Dawn and straight away absolutely loved them. Dawn is an amazing instructor and her enthusiasm really spurred me on. I often used the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna after classes and found further benefits from these - socially, physically and mentally.

“After a few weeks I decided to brave the gym and had a fantastic induction with Luke, he was patient and really helpful, explaining all the equipment, before creating a programme for me to do a few times a week alongside my aqua classes. Doing this really helped to boost my confidence and made me feel increasingly fit.

“Once I got comfortable in doing this, I had some personal training sessions with Matt, which really helped me to boost my weight loss and fitness level.

“I then progressed further as my confidence improved and started to add more classes like Speedflex and Zumba to my workout programme. I really enjoy the full-on nature of the Speedflex sessions. They are short but very focussed and demanding, with all of the instructors, and in particular Luke who pushes me to achieve my best.

“On the back of Speedflex, Luke recommended that I try the spin class. I reluctantly agreed as I wasn't sure about the bikes and initially was quite saddle sore. I now thoroughly enjoy spinning and it is part of my weekly routine. If it hadn’t been for Luke’s motivation and encouragement, I would never have given it a go!

“All the classes I attend are fun, challenging and very rewarding. I love being a member at Bannatyne Mansfield and not only have I dropped several dress sizes, I am feeling fitter and having fun whilst doing it!”

Luke, fitness instructor at Bannatyne Mansfield, said: "Since I have known Amanda, she has come on such a long way with her ability. She has conquered things she never thought she could. She is now a regular in Speedflex and has taken a shine to spinning.

“She is smashing new goals and with her MyZone belt she is seeing some great stats in classes. Keep it up Amanda, well done."

Alex Tate - Bury St. Edmunds

Click here to watch Alex's story.

Matthew - Kingsford Park

Meet one of our Kingsford Park members, and now instructor, Matthew Abbott. 

In the last few years, Matt has been on a journey from cycling for fun to a pushing himself and excelling in his passion. 

Matt said: "My journey started when I was given a 12-month membership to Bannatyne Kingsford Park for my 40th birthday. A bit cheeky I know!

“My BMI was a bit high and I wasn’t too happy, plus I had lower back issues. Alex Murphy, a member of the fitness team, introduced me to some excellent core strengthening exercises, which kick started the weight loss.

“My uncle, Dennis Martin, taught spinning at Bannatyne Kingsford Park, so I started going to his classes and from there I was hooked. I also have a Canyon road bike at home, and I’ve completed a couple of 100-mile rides over the past few months. It’s a bit addictive actually!

“A few months into my membership, Dennis announced his retirement from teaching spin and it got me thinking about getting the Les Mills RPM certifications in order to teach and perhaps follow in his footsteps.

“I did the AIM1 in 2018 and the Advanced in May 2019. I think my favourite thing about teaching so far is seeing a class full of people enjoying the workout and especially the music. I’m a musician too so the music is a big part of the workout for me!"

Well done Matt, great progress!

Julie - Coulby Newham

Meet Julie, a member of our Coulby Newham club.  Julie joined Bannatyne Coulby Newham in 2017 in an attempt to lose weight and improve her personal fitness. This is her journey. 

Sadly, shortly after joining, Julie suffered an injury in which she broke her collarbone in two places. This injury left Julie unable to train for several months and was a major setback in her achieving her weight loss goals.

Having plateaued with her training, Julie decided to invest in a personal trainer to give her extra motivation. Dario took on the challenge of helping Julie achieve her goals and as well as motivating her through her workouts, he also helped with diet plans for her to follow. 

Initially, Julie started with ten personal training sessions and was surprised with the changes in her body and her mind. Julie still has Dario as her personal trainer today and he continually pushes her through each session. 

Julie said: “I really love coming to Bannatyne Coulby Newham, it’s part of my social life and I have met some great friends. My aim now is to maintain my fitness and appearance for as long as I am physically able to.”

Well done Julie, for achieving your goals and continuing to smash your training, and well done to Dario who has been a star in supporting your training.

Mark - Ingleby Barwick

We know lots of our members are currently training for various fun runs and marathons so we caught up with one of our regular members at Ingleby Barwick, Mark, to see how his training is going and what is keeping him motivated.

Mark is planning to run two half marathons in two weeks this September and is hoping to raise funds for Cancer Research UK along the way.  He has been increasing his distances in club on the treadmills but has also incorporated some weights and spinning classes into his sessions to improve his stamina.  Mark’s work often takes him away from home, but he makes sure not to miss a session by using some of our other clubs around the country. He recently invested in a Myzone Fitness Tracker which allows him to compare his workouts and see the improvements during his training.

Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Mark sees first-hand the work that is going into beating cancer, which has inspired him to do this and raise what he can to help support the fight against cancer.

If you would like to show your support to Mark you can visit his Just Giving page here https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/markypeo?feed=d7027dde-502a-4ac2-b4a0-7012c37e8d1d

If you are training for a special event and would like some extra support or advice from our fitness instructors, just to let us know!

Daniel - Norwich West

Meet Daniel, a member at our Norwich West club.

The picture on the left is from December 2018, and the picture on the right is this month. Daniel has struggled a lot over the years due to variety of issues because of a rare brain condition called Chiari Malformation.

Daniel has had to undergo three major brain surgeries but has managed to take control of his health, physically and mentally as you can see from his incredible progress picture. 

We couldn't be prouder to call you one of our members. Great Job!

Andy - Milton Keynes

We would like to share a success story about Andy, a member of our Milton Keynes club.

His journey started back when he was 16 and weighing 130kg. He got out of bed one day and came to the realisation that he was extremely overweight and had to do something about it. He started off just running and when he turned 18, he joined Bannatyne Milton Keynes. On his very first visit, he walked through the door, got to the top of the stairs and anxiety overcame him and he left straight away. About a week later he came back and this time stayed for his first workout. He says the instructors were a great help by giving him advice and training.

Anyd’s journey hasn’t been a smooth one. His brother was diagnosed with Lupus and to help raise money for charity, Andy signed up to an ultra-marathon in Africa. He started the race well but at mile 24 his knee gave way and he was forced to quit the race.

He came back and recovered slowly and signed up for a white-collar boxing event. During the event in the second round his knee collided with his opponent causing him to rupture his ACL and, instead of having surgery he chose physio.

It was coming up to a year of recovery and it gave way again, and this time there was no other option but to have surgery. He has spent the last few weeks getting back into the gym and rebuilding his strength.

Fitness isn't always an easy road, it has its ups and downs but with commitment like Andy’s, you can achieve results.

Abbas - Luton

We have been chatting to Abbas Haider, a member of our Luton club, about his fitness journey and what advice he would give other members.

Abbas said: “I decided to start my fitness journey following ACL surgery. I started to lose some weight, but after a while I hit a brick wall and knew I needed to change my routine to further my progression.

“I started personal training and Maciej really helped me tailor a plan to suit me. I do split sessions, cardio and weights, and train cardio seven days a week and weights five days a week. I have also strictly followed the diet plan customised for me by Maciej, no cheat days!

“I feel that both the personal training and diet plan has contributed to my achievement of becoming fitter and being able to lose more weight. Due to my knee operation, I can only train legs twice a week, paying special attention to my weaker leg.

“The advice I would give to other members is that everyone is different. Diet and training needs differ for each person so to get the best out of your gym experience, make sure you get a training and diet plan tailored to your own needs.”

To enquire about a tailored plan, please speak to a member of the fitness team in your local Bannatyne Health Club.

Charlie - Colchester

Meet a member of our Colchester club, Charlie.

He joined the club four months ago after having a full knee replacement and shoulder injury following a fall from an ambulance whilst changing some equipment. The injuries meant Charlie couldn't leave the house, isolating him from everyday life, leading to a bout of depression. It's very apparent how much this can affect a person mentally and physically.

He was told by family that he had to turn his life around, so he made a trip to Bannatyne and hasn't looked back since, coming in three times a week where possible.

He has since stopped using crutches for his knee and has noticed a significant difference in himself, giving a particular mention to the staff.

Everyone at the club is grateful that they could help Charlie get back to a happy and healthy position and wish him all the best with his wellness journey!

Tracey - Tamworth

We would like to say a massive ‘well done’ and ‘congratulations’ to a member of our Tamworth club, Tracey Pape, who recently completed the Half Lakesman! Tracey said: "On Sunday 16th June, I completed the Half Lakesman in 7hrs 44mins. This involved a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride and 13.1-mile run. Never, ever did I think I would be able to take on this type of challenge, but after taking part in a relay team last year and seeing the amazing people push themselves to complete this race, I thought I would give it a go.

“It hasn't been easy; I've had a few setbacks, but I picked myself up and carried on and adapted my training to fit in with my setbacks. At times I found the training hard and I did shed a few tears thinking ‘I cannot do this’, but I carried on and I am so glad I did!

“I absolutely LOVED Sunday; it was all worth it. To people who think it's impossible - it isn't! Train hard and believe in yourself and anything is possible! Roll on Lakesman 2020!"

Adam - Tamworth

The member of the month for July at our Tamworth club is Adam Tromans!

Adam joined in July 2018 and he was 16 1/2 stone and a 42-inch waist. Since starting his fitness journey with Bannatyne, he has come down to a 38-inch waist and now weighs 13 1/2 stone. Adam does a lot of cardio on the cross trainer as well as regularly attending fit steps with Jackie Hemming. He also does body balance and more recently barre strength classes which is a ballet-based core work out.

Adam said: "I'm very proud to do such amazing classes and have excellent instructors for guidance, especially fit steps, as if I'm not sure of a move, I can always count on Jackie Hemming to put me right.

“I enjoy coming to the gym and am so glad I made the effort to join."

Massive congratulations Adam, keep up the good work! Here is one of his before pictures alongside a photo taken this week!

Holly & Colin - Tamworth

Colin, a member of our Tamworth club, sustained a brain injury in a long-distance Triathlon in 2018. His partner, Holly, is aiming to raise £10k for the hospital he was treated at, Nottingham Hospital. Colin is still recovering and has some difficulties with speech and movement.

Holly was previously a non-exerciser and with help from training, she is taking part in her first Iron Man race later in the year. Holly has had a number of high profile endorsements including Jess Ennis, Mo Farah and Becky Adlington (pictured).

If you would like to support the fundraising for Nottingham Hospital, please visit Holly’s Just Giving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/whatwouldcoldo

Lee - Mansfield 

We love hearing our members success stories! We would like to share a story from one of our Mansfield members, Lee, to celebrate his fitness success.

Lee said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Bannatyne Mansfield. Because of the friendliness of the staff on reception, in the cafe and most importantly the fitness team I am really achieving my goals.

“I joined a couple of years ago with the goal of weight loss and I have now lost more than three stone, two of which have been lost since January as I signed up to the silver MyZone package.

“I have loved being more accountable during workouts with my MyZone belt and seeing not only weight loss but fat percentage going down, as well as muscle mass going up on the body scan. Seeing these changes has really pushed me to keep going.

“All the instructor led classes I participate in are brilliant, and since the refurbishment the club is even better, with Speedflex, my favourite. Since January, I have been trying out B:strong and circuits which have definitely helped to maintain my interest.

“When I joined Bannatyne Mansfield, I was trying to regain some old fitness levels as well as achieving weight loss, and I struggled to go on the treadmill at speed 9 for more than a few minutes. I now do back to back classes some days and I have recently done a 10k on the treadmill at speed 9, which for me is a big achievement.

“Outside of the gym, I have also completed some obstacle 10k runs which is something I have wanted to do for a while. Next month I am doing my third X-Runner and climbing Mount Snowdon, aiming to take the most challenging route to the summit.

“I definitely recommend Bannatyne any chance I get and recently even got my in-laws to join. Thank you again, as my weight loss has made me feel like my old self again and I genuinely don't think I would have achieved it without the friendly atmosphere of this club. As always I look forward to my next visit!”

Thank you for your feedback Lee, we think that you are doing fantastically well.

Catriona - Newcraighall

Congratulations to Catriona, a member of our Newcraighall club, who gave birth to a baby girl on the 27th May 2019.

Catriona provides a great insight into how she found attending the gym pre-pregnancy has helped her and shares her post pregnancy exercise plans.

Catriona said during her pregnancy quite a few people had been asking her about exercising through pregnancy as there is a lot of contrasting advice online.

At 39 weeks pregnant she reflected on the journey, and for her, exercise has helped her physically and mentally so much throughout the pregnancy.

Catriona said: “I can only say from my own experience, it’s obviously not for everyone and it’s only okay if the midwife advises it. I think the best advice I had was to go with your own instincts. I knew when to take it easy and I knew when the time was right to give up certain exercises, like running.

“Exercising throughout my pregnancy has helped to make me feel more in control of my changing body and it helped to relieve stress and anxiety which inevitably comes when your life is about to change massively!

“During the later stages, I was only doing light fitness with some light weights and walks. I appreciate the female body so much more having gone through this journey and was looking forward to the next chapter ahead of being a Mum as well as getting back into shape along with my personal trainer, Daniel Renton.”

Daniel has explained some of the benefits that may come as a result of exercising during pregnancy.

Daniel said: “Exercising during your pregnancy can help to reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling. It also:

- May help prevent, or treat, gestational diabetes

- Increases your energy

- Improves your mood

- Improves your posture

- Promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance

- Helps you sleep better

“Regular activity also helps keep you fit during pregnancy and may improve your ability to cope with labour. This will make it easier for you to get back in shape after your baby is born.”

Daniel also advises anyone to seek advice from a medical specialist before participating in exercise and get expert advice from a PT. Always ensure you go with your instincts and pace every session; you will know if it feels right.

Daniel continued: “I am really looking forward to helping Catriona get back in shape in a few weeks’ time when she has settled into new family life with her new arrival!”

For more information about personal training sessions, or to find out how you can safely exercise during your pregnancy, please speak to a member of the fitness team in your local club.

Nigel - Colchester

Nigel, a member of our Colchester club, has collected over two thousand gate entries, that’s two thousand trips to the gym, and that's worth a mention!

We think that's dedication and commitment, and his body will thank him...eventually!

Nigel said: "I come not only for the fitness aspect of the club, but also the social side and it's nice to have a laugh with the staff and the members. If you're looking for a club that provides more than fitness, Bannatyne is the place to come." 

Laura - Luton 

Laura Preusse, a member of staff at our Luton club, told us about her fitness journey in preparation for a Tough Mudder race.

Laura said: “After having my second child, I started putting on a lot of weight. I used to do a lot of runs but I started to notice a decline in by fitness level, so I knew I needed to start making some changes to my lifestyle.

“Shortly after Martin Leib joined our club and told us about the charity he started in his son, Samuel’s, memory, I embarked on my journey to get fit and raise money for Samuel’s Charity.

“The Tough Mudder race was 10 miles with 25 obstacles and I had just three months to train! I couldn’t jump and I wasn’t too fond of training upstairs in the gym, so I asked trainers Michal Procyk and Scott Burwood to help. They created b-toughmudder, a class at the Luton club, which other members joined and helped me through my journey. Without my training and support from other members, I don’t think I could have done it.

“My journey was hard, and on many occasions, I wanted to give up, but the support from Bannatyne Luton colleagues and members saw me through.

“I’m continuing on my journey to improve my fitness and health, and will embrace another run in October.”

Donna - Milton Keynes

We have a fantastic success story to share with you from our Milton Keynes club reception manager, Donna.

Donna started training in the gym in January 2019 after having six months away from the gym and gaining 10kgs.

When the opportunity arose to take part in a Tough Mudder challenge, she used this as a way of motivating herself to keep pushing through the training and to keep up with lifestyle changes, including a new, healthier diet.

Donna has gone from 40% body fat to 29%, and the results speak for themselves.

If you would like help with any of your fitness goals, or would like help identifying goals you may have, then speak to any of the fitness team in your local club.

Dave - Mansfield

Dave has recently joined our Bannatyne Health Club in Mansfield. Here is his feedback from joining.

Dave said: “Since joining Bannatyne Mansfield, I have really enjoyed coming to the gym. I would highly recommend it to anyone of my friends. In fact, I have just referred a friend to join!  

“The areas I have mainly used so far are the gym and swimming pool, both of which are to a high standard.

“The club has a great atmosphere, and everyone is really friendly. I have recently taken out a bronze wellness bundle. I love the MyZone belt, as it has really improved my motivation when in the gym, it is really keeping me on track with reaching my goals.”

Bridget - Bury St Edmunds

Bridget Goldstone, a member of our Bury St Edmunds club, has shared the story of her and her husband Baz’s fitness journeys.

Bridget said: “Last summer we were both suffering from very low self-esteem and body confidence. We felt old, fat and frumpy so we decided to join Bannatyne Bury St Edmunds in an effort to get fitter and healthier. “We have done a mixture of classes, and in particular, have found that BODYBALANCE has helped our flexibility and core. We have had fun and built stamina in Zumba, and without a doubt, the Pump with Paul class has changed our shape and muscle definition immensely, especially having not really done any work with weights before. “Within six months, we had both lost more than a stone, and our body shapes have changed beyond recognition. We are slimmer and more toned with muscle definition and I can honestly say when I look in the mirror, I don’t recognise the ‘new me’.

“We both feel amazing and fitter than we have done in years, and, even better, we are keeping the weight off too. “Without a doubt the class instructors bring so much energy and enthusiasm to their classes that you can’t fail to have fun and work hard. “Thank you Bannatyne Bury St Edmunds, we are proud to be members of your health club!”

Jo - Cardiff

We have been speaking to Jo Spalding, a member of staff at our Cardiff club, about her recent coast-to-coast cycle.

Jo said: “I've been slowly trying to get into the world of cycling, and with the encouragement of my colleagues in the Cardiff club and MyZone, and I've been signing up to long-distance cycles.

“My first one was London to Brighton last year and this one was my second one. It was a coast-to-coast cycle from Watchet in Somerset to West Bay in Dorset, so very, very hilly and very, very difficult!!

“The MyZone results say it all - 3622 calories burned and 1177 MEPs earned! It was 55 miles and now I've got the confidence to sign up to a 75 mile one, working towards a 100 miler!

“I've been using the Wattbike in the gym and RPM classes here in the Cardiff club as my training - which has been really helpful in building my leg strength and ability to stay on a bike for longer durations. “

Amazing progress Jo! Best of luck with your next cycle.

Claire - Carlisle

We would like to share a staff success story from our Carlisle club!

This year one of the class instructors, who everyone knows as Curly Claire, is climbing Stok Kangri mountain in the Himalayan mountain region of Ladakh in India!

She will be setting off on the 22nd June 2019 to climb a monumental 6153m! This is higher than Kilimanjaro and base camp Everest!

She will be raising money to help those living with a disability to access sport - Cumbria Wheelchair Sports Club.

If you’re local and would like to sponsor Claire and help her raise as much money as possible, pop into the Carlisle club and speak to a member of staff.

Gary - Wellingborough

Meet Gary, a member of the Bannatyne Wellingborough club. We take great pleasure in sharing his incredible story with you all today.

Gary was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) more than 20 years ago. Here he tells us how he found the gym and why it has helped him to continue getting out of bed in the morning.

Through his teenage years, Gary found his passion for fitness in amongst the dust and chalk, bodybuilding was his hobby, and he found his peace within the noise. Describing himself as a thrill seeker, Gary reminisces back to a time when he would take part in daredevil feats like extreme mountain biking.

After suffering a torn cortisone, an MRI scan on his spine revealed some abnormalities. Eight months after his initial scan Gary was diagnosed with progressive MS. For Gary and his family, this was devastating news. Progressive MS is tough to treat, unlike relapsing-remitting MS, there is much less chance of full recovery between relapse and long-term nerve damage is much more common.

Fast forward to March 2018, Gary joined Bannatyne Wellingborough. Equipped with a gym programme from personal trainer, Rachel, and the true grit to succeed, Gary now uses the gym five days a week and feels great for it. The increase in mobility means Gary is able to use a whole range of equipment now and continue to rebuild strength in his daily workouts. With a supportive network of gym partners to support him through difficult workouts and a Grenade shake to look forward to at the end, Gary says his dedication to his workouts are the reason he can still walk.

Gary said: “When I first moved to Wellingborough, I knew no one at all, now between the excellent staff and friends I have made here at the club, I now have a family here!”

Gary explains that although he is aware that his muscle depletion will increase over time, he has never been one to just give up and will continue to smash his workouts.   

Tindy - L