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Bannatyne Success Stories

Bannatyne Success Stories

John - Peterborough

We’ve been chatting to John Nicoll, a member of our Peterborough club, about his gym experience.

“Why did you choose to do a Hatton Boxing course?”

John: “Initially, I knew nothing about boxing and I thought it would be enjoyable and a new way to train.”

“What were your goals?”

John: “I wanted to have a change to the normal regime of weights and cardio. I wanted to find a new way to challenge and improve my general fitness.”

“How did you find the class initially, as a new boxer?”

John: “The course was very enjoyable, training pushed me to my limits and beyond giving me a sense of achievement at the end of each session.”

“How do you feel in terms of your fitness/goals now?”

John: “I have continued 1-1 boxing sessions after I completed the Hatton course. My fitness has improved as a result of the course and I want this to continue, it still pushes me on each session. I have also found that my other training has improved, being able to run for longer, lift heavier and have more stamina.”

“Would you recommend it to others”

John: “I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get into boxing or wants to push themselves that bit harder and see results at the end of it.''

Maria - Sutton Coldfield

Maria Haydock, a member of our Sutton Coldfield club, has shared her wellness journey with us.

Maria said: “I joined Bannatyne Sutton Coldfield after my youngest children had started school in order to get fitter and lose weight.

“Within a couple of months of joining, I made the decision to start training with Scott as I needed a little bit of help to reach my goals.

“Working alongside Scott, I have managed to lose two stone and I am the fittest I have ever been.

“I try to work out five times a week, doing a combination of classes, my own gym circuits and a PT session with Scott. My favourite class is spin and I have made a lot of new friends through going to the gym, whose encouragement has enabled me to progress and enjoy my training sessions a lot more!”

Wendy - Lowestoft

Meet Wendy, a member of our Lowestoft club.

Since September, when Wendy joined the club, she has been on an incredible weight loss journey.

When she became a member, Wendy had her initial induction to the club with Beckie, and they were able to put together a program she could follow, which included various body weight and machine-based exercises.

Since then, Wendy has finished the programme and completes a four mile run every other day, and has added swimming in to her routine and has had some incredible results. She has managed to lose just under 10kg in weight! Her Visceral Fat Level has dropped from Level 17 down to Level 13 (from our InBody Analyser reading), meaning a total of 8.2kg of body fat has been lost so far.

As well as the exercise, Beckie has helped advise Wendy on her nutrition. Wendy no longer eats carbohydrates in the evenings, and now eats a lot more protein including eggs, and has better control on portion size and timings of meals.

Wendy said: "I would like to say a huge thank you to Beckie for all she has done for me so far, from nutrition to the gym plan. It has been a big help for me to start my journey, and what I have achieved so far will spur me on until I reach my goal."

We would like to say a huge well done to Wendy, keep it up!

Mick - Braintree

Mick Brine, a member of our Braintree club, has shared his “Greatest Loss to Greatest Challenge” story with us.

Mick said: “My wife started at Bannatyne Braintree in February 2008 and continued her attendance until early 2018. She was always very active and attended three tap dancing classes a week for the previous 37 years.

“At the end of May 2018, with very little previous indication, my wife was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer and sadly passed away on July 31st, 2018. This naturally left my family and I totally devastated,

“My eldest daughter and I decided that we would like to participate in a fund-raising event for the Farleigh Hospice where Chris was cared for with dignity and great compassion over the last few days of her life.

“Consequently, we have signed up to a five-day trek in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania together with around ten other people. We depart on 4th May this year and the trek is described by organisers as “very challenging”.

“As a fairly healthy 73-year-old, I quickly realised that I needed a quantum leap in my level of fitness and spoke to the Bannatyne Braintree sales manager, Georgia, about taking over my wife’s membership.

“I did this at the end of November and discussed my fitness goals with instructor, Anthony. He listened to what it was that I wanted to achieve and put together a tailored programme of workouts for me, taking into account the types of activity I will be experiencing on the trek, such as walking up hill for eight hours a day with a 12kg backpack.

“He continues to support me on a regular basis and this is particularly useful as I am quite an impatient person and was initially anticipating a rapid improvement in my capabilities. I now understand that it is going to take me more than a couple of weeks!

“It is good to be training in a gym that properly caters for all ages and levels of fitness, with everybody having their own personal aspirations.

“The general manager Ricki has also offered to help raise awareness and support through the club’s social media and update people on my journey towards My Greatest Challenge.”

If anyone would like to support Mick and his daughter by donating to the provision of pallative care by Farleigh Hospital, please click here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/philippa-booth2.

Monty - Leicester

Monty, a member of our Leicester club, has shared with us why staying fit is so important to him.

Monty said: “As I have multiple medical conditions, staying fit is very important to me. Being a member of Bannatyne Leicester has been great and has really helped to keep me healthy.

“The staff are always friendly, helpful and encouraging which makes my time at the gym much more enjoyable! The fitness instructors are always happy to offer advice which has aided my progression.

“Adam in particular has helped me throughout the difficulties and challenges I’ve faced. My fitness journey has never been straightforward, but he’s always been helpful by spending time tweaking my fitness plan and adapting my exercises to suit my body and my goals.

“His knowledge and advice has been invaluable, as well as all other staff members!

“There’s a wide range of classes to keep you interested, a great vibe in the gym and genuinely lovely staff. Thank you very much Bannatyne Leicester!”

Jason - Norwich West

A member of our Norwich West club, Jason Lennon has shared his life-changing experience with us after recovering from a brain injury.

It was a normal start to the day for Jason back in August 2015. Who would have known that Jason would soon be facing a long and gruelling recovery?

Jason was unfortunately involved in a road traffic collision - Transit Van vs Bicycle. Luckily Jason was wearing a helmet, but it wasn’t enough to stop him suffering a severe brain injury and being left with three separate bleeds. 

Jason was treated by paramedics and transferred to Addenbrookes Hospital where he received the specialist care needed to give him the best possible chance of recovering from these potentially life-changing injuries. 

Jason was in Addenbrookes Hospital for two weeks. The bleeds were controlled, and Jason had a plate inserted into his leg to help support the injuries sustained.

The journey to full recovery was going to be a long one! Jason left Addenbrookes and returned home where he was going to receive rehabilitation to overcome his injuries. He managed to start walking again within six months which was a huge achievement. 

Another side effect to Jason's injuries was dealing with the brain injury and the short-term memory loss that came with it. Jason has no recollection of the accident and still struggles with his short-term memory today. In addition to this, processing information takes a little longer than it used to. 

Jason said: “It’s a little like making the same journey in your car day after day, and then all of a sudden, there’s a diversion, it just means it takes a little longer to get to the same destination”. 

Sadly, once you get to year three of your recovery, consultants say that patients are unlikely to improve after this point, so it’s vital that rehabilitation starts early.

Coming to the gym was vital to Jason’s recovery. It would be so easy for someone to shut themselves away from the world and give up. Jason didn’t, and by December 2015 Jason was knocking at our door, desperate to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible. 

Mixing up his workouts was key to weight bearing/rehabilitating his leg. The swimming pool was where Jason made the greatest improvements as the water not only offered balance and support to his walking, but also resistance therefore strengthening his leg muscles.

Jason wanted to step outside of his comfort zone and whilst searching on the internet for events to complete, he stumbled upon Head Way (Brain Injury Association) which was looking for charity runners to enter the Brighton Marathon. Jason immediately contacted the charity and booked his place; now the real training begins.

The Brighton Marathon is taking place on Sunday 14th April 2019 and it would mean the world to Jason if you could show your support and donate to this incredible cause.

Rab - Banbury

Rab Saunders, a member of our Banbury club, has shared his fitness journey with us.

Rab said: “My journey to doing an Ironman started back in 2014 when I decided to do a fun super sprint triathlon in Stratford upon Avon where I ended up finishing first, and from then wanted to do more triathlons of different distances.

“I did my first Olympic distance in London Aug 2016 and my second a month later in Bala Wales. Even back then I dreamed of doing an Ironman but didn’t know if I could.

“I put a plan together to do a half Ironman last year, and with the help of Richard Hughes my coach who runs peak performance I was able to complete this event and even the following day feel that my body could do more.

“With continuing coaching from Richard, I am now only 6 months away from taking part in my first Ironman in Hamburg, which is something I want to do now I have just turned 50.

“I joined Bannatyne Banbury in December 2018 and I found the place was a very versatile gym, with everything  I need equipment and other facilities wise to move me ever closer to my fitness goals of being ready for my Ironman in July.”

Molly - Norwich

Thank you to our member Molly at Bannatyne Norwich for letting us share her success story.

“Hatton Boxing came to me at a point in my life in which I needed it the most. I had significant difficulties in my personal life and felt that I had returned to square one. Exercise had always been a key success with improving my mental health and outlook, which is why I re-joined my local gym. During this time, I was introduced to boxing, something I had always wanted to explore, so I signed up. Hatton has been a fantastic experience, and I have enjoyed every second, which is why I have signed up for the next round! The group of gents that I boxed with have been brilliant, a great team and we have become great friends over this period. In terms of fitness, I completed a test before I started which gave me a score of 33, 10 weeks later it progressed to 37, a further week it became 41 and a further week my score reached 50. Hatton has been a holistic experience, it returned my confidence at a point when I did not have any. If you’re considering it, just do it, you won’t regret it. Shout out to Georgey, George and Katie; equally incredible instructors.”

Niall - Carlisle

A member of our Carlisle club, Niall Reid, has shared his wellness journey and experience with us.

Niall said: “I always thought my weight gain was a recent thing. Towards the end of 2017, I weighed 21 stone 12lbs. Looking back at old photographs of myself, I could see that my weight gain had actually started in the summer of 2001 and became noticeable by 2004.

“Until recently, I hadn’t realised it, but I was unhappy. This led to many bad decisions and putting on more weight.

“I now look back and can see that the summer of 2012, how I felt took another dramatic down turn that affected both my mental and physical wellbeing. This all came from a massive set back in my professional career. From then on, it became an unnoticeable downward slope – unnoticeable to me. 

“By the end of 2017, I was at my lowest and heaviest when yet another major turmoil in my life occurred. After losing my old routine, I had to find a new one. I had always had a gym membership, making full use of it in the 90s. However, for the past 15 years, I was one of those people who paid for a membership that was never used because I simply didn’t have the time to make even a small commitment to myself.

“In the past, I loved all aspects of the gym and maybe that is something that takes just a little bit of selfishness.

“I started my sessions slowly with a little bit of cardio and taking more of an interest in what I was eating, and I started to see results. Having just a small amount of selfishness to go to the gym gave me happiness within myself, which didn’t go unnoticed by friends and work colleagues. For my newer friends and colleagues, this change was huge, and it affected my whole persona.

“My end goal wasn’t to lose vast amounts of weight. I was looking for little victories, getting under 20st and starting to feel better about myself, getting under 18st and trying out a new class. Hitting 16st was the biggest milestone as it was the weight in my head that I had always said I would never allow myself to go over.

“This was an aspiration from many years ago, one I unfortunately did not succeed at, until now.

“I wholly believe that taking one step at a time is the best way to win the battle. If I was planning to do an hour of cardio, I would split it into blocks, 5 minutes at a time. I’d concentrate on beating that current five minutes, then the next, then the next, and before you know it, you’ve completed the hour.

“15 months later, I now weigh 14st 8lbs and I’m loving my training. My current battle is to get under 200lbs and see a ‘1’ as the first number of my weight. I’ve decided on an end goal of 14st which is the weight I was back in the 90s.

“What I have achieved is reclaiming both my mental and physical health. The target for 2019 is to go past 14st, heading for 13st. It may leave me with a BMI of over 25, which is high end of what I should be, but regardless of whether I achieve 13st, I feel like I have already won.

“I have rediscovered me, the person I was and the happiness I had. It has cost quite a bit of money having to buy new clothes whilst on this journey! However, at the same time, the time, effort, sweat and pain has been so worth it.

“I’m still learning, but I’ve realised that being a little selfish is okay and I know I’m still improving. Doing new things and new classes have also opened my eyes to what I enjoy at the gym too.

“Bannatyne Carlisle has provided a great environment for me to workout in, it’s bright, airy and has a very well-equipped gym. There are a lot of classes available to everyone and compared to other gyms that I have used, I would say that Bannatyne is an inviting, nice place to be.”

Loreto - Crewe

Loreto Drake, a member of Bannatyne Crewe, has shared her wellness journey story with us.

“I had been dealing with CDH (Congenital Dislocation of the Hip) my whole life, until 12 years ago when it was time to have a hip replacement. Since then it has been a slow recovery, with my main focus being to build back the muscle I lost in my legs and glutes post-surgery.

“It has taken years of strength and conditioning exercises through regular personal training sessions to get to where I am in my fitness today. I do weekly spin and circuit training classes to improve my cardiovascular fitness, however it is the free weight and resistance training in the gym that has created the biggest impact to my body composition. I feel so strong at this point in my life, and that is all down to training with a well-educated personal trainer.

“Even though I had lost a lot of muscle, flexibility and mobility from the hip replacement, and had to focus on improving my alignment, I am proud of how far I have come since the surgery.

“In a few months’ time, I will be retiring after years of working as a General Practitioner. I look forward to being able to dedicate more time to the gym and become stronger than I have ever been.”

Emma - Dumfries

My name is Emma and I have been a member of Bannatyne Health Club in Dumfries for six years. This is a story about my personal journey from participant to instructor, something I never thought possible, but which resulted in one of the most rewarding changes to my life!

During a successful weight loss journey, Les Mills fitness classes became a huge part of my life. My first experience was my friend Andy’s RPM, he asked me one day to try it and at first, I felt nervous, unsure and worried that I would look silly, but I left feeling proud that I had managed it. That was down to his motivation, care and passion for what he was teaching. This then led on to finding the confidence to try others including Body Pump, Body Attack and Body Combat.

Three years later I was approached by the Fitness Manager at Dumfries, Robert, with a question that would carve the path to where I am now - “how would you feel about becoming an instructor?”. With no fitness background would I able to study again? Would I be able to move from the comfort of the middle of the class to the front? So many questions but only one way to find out.

I sat my level 2 qualification closely followed by Les Mills RPM and Body Pump. I was added on to the cover list and began to teach as and when required. With this sudden change came some struggles. I had to endure some big lows, feeling that I wasn’t good enough and really upsetting moments, but I managed not to run away or give up. I decided it was just an obstacle and these moments challenged me to keep moving forward regardless.

I knew the only way I could inspire the people I was teaching in the way I had been inspired in that RPM class was to seek my own self-development with over 40+ hours of advanced training, feedback with Les Mills, lots of travel to team teach, self-assessments and also securing two permanent classes. It then saw me recognised as a Tribe Coach.

I became an instructor to help people as I had experienced first-hand how to overcome the fear of fitness, a struggle with weight and having confidence confidence to enter a gym environment. I wanted to help people reach their personal goals and achievements. I am now so privileged in my role within Les Mills to help develop brand new and existing instructors, to attend module training sessions and take part in large events. We all have to start somewhere whether that’s a first-time participant to a class/gym or a brand new instructor teaching. To be able to offer support and guidance has been the most rewarding part of this journey.

If you are that person who would love to take the step to becoming an instructor what’s holding you back? Be brave! Find confidence in your abilities and it might end up being the most life changing experience for not only you but the people you will be inspiring every day.

When I teach, I forget about my past and the start of my journey. The highs completely outweigh the lows, it was just a hurdle that made this more than just a job. I try to go the extra mile always because now I feel I have a purpose not only to me, but to every single person I meet along the way.

Danielle - Humberston

Danielle Curzon, a member of Bannatyne Humberston, has shared her wellness journey with us.

“Up until 2004, I was an international dressage rider winning a gold medal for GB. After I retired from the horses, I moved martial arts up to my international sport. I attained a Black belt 2nd Dan in kickboxing and achieved a double world silver medal in 2006 and was European Champion in 2010. In 2011, I became Europe’s first televised female cage fighting referee by working for UCMMA Cage Rage which is televised on Sky Sports. In 2012, I went out to LA and became the first British referee to complete and pass Herb Dean's ABC certified course for both Judges and referees. This enabled me to be licensed by the USA state athletic commission.

“My Health story begins in 2012 when I started getting episodes of dehydration and low blood sugar which was needing IV fluids to put right but nothing would show in any tests. In Feb 2014 after much deterioration I got diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and was suffering episodes of fatigue and the episodes needing IV infusion.

“Sadly 2014 was the beginning of a four-year legal battle with a family member which included a lot of court appearances and only concluded in Oct 2018. This resulting in putting my body under even more stress than ever. During 2015 due to this stress I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This made me completely incapacitated. Both ME and fibromyalgia in simple terms is disorders of the nervous system where the adrenal glands release copious amounts of cortisol which the body only needs in times of high stress such as if a lion was chasing you.

“With ME and fibromyalgia those levels of cortisol are constant and attack other systems in your body. I also have extreme chemical sensitivity and my body rejects pharmaceutical meds. December 2016, I ended up in ICU after a lidocaine infusion with tachycardia (racing heart). A decision was made that the only pharmaceutical medication I could have was IV cyclizine and only in emergencies as anything else set the nervous system off further.

“November 2018, I got diagnosed with severe PTSD due to the trauma with the family member, this then further exacerbated the fibromyalgia. Some of the symptoms I have are extreme anxiety & panic attacks, phobias of places ie - Supermarkets. Extreme all over fatigue, extreme all over pain, severe IBS, dizziness and weight gain was a huge issue. Through this stress and trauma, I gained four stone. This made me very depressed and where I didn’t like myself.

“In April 2018, my friend said she used to be a member of Bannatynes Rotherham, so we booked to have a look at the Humberston club, which is the closest to me. I felt very panicky as I cannot cope with new places, but from my first visit after I explained my issues in regards to the anxiety in particular Bannatynes became one of my safe places.

“The staff at the gym were so respectful of my conditions and they had two members of staff that came from a GP referral background. I am unable to walk any distance, however Bannatynes has the bike with the back on which I can use. The swimming pool, sauna &

Maciej - Luton

Maciej Adamiuk, a member of staff at our Luton club, has shared his story about his bodybuilding journey with us.

In May this year, Maciej will be competing in the Puchar Małego Trójmiasta Kaszubskiego w Kulturystyce i Fitness event in Poland and is hoping to come away with the first prize.

Maciej said: “I’ve got three and a half months to focus on my fitness and get my body in the best shape possible.

“To ensure my physique is competition ready, I need to start building clean muscle mass as well as improving my diet by cutting my calorie intake.

“Adding more cardio to my routine will help to increase my muscle definition and I’m looking forward to watching my body transform.”

Good luck Maciej, we’re all rooting for you!

Rochine - Bury St Edmunds

Rochine, our receptionist at the Bury St Edmunds club, has shared her fantastic fitness journey with us.

Rochine joined the Bury St Edmunds club in November 2017, weighing 19 stone, the biggest she had ever been.

After joining the team and starting to use the facilities, through help from her colleagues on the fitness team, she started to see some results!

Rochine said: “The fitness team helped to provide me with the knowledge needed to better myself. It has taken a year of hard work, and a lot of struggles and it's certainly not been an easy journey.

“When I was lacking in motivation to get into the gym my work colleagues/friends told me to get in there and get the workout done, which was exactly what I needed to hear.

“With my partner, colleagues and friends by my side helping every step of the way, I am now down to 14.5 stone and I feel so much better in myself.”

What an amazing transformation Rochine, well done!

Danny - Lowestoft

Danny, a member of our Lowestoft club, has been seeing some fantastic results from personal training sessions with PT Declan.

Declan has also provided Danny with specific programmes to follow outside his PT sessions which include various exercises ranging from cardiovascular to weighted. Danny also completes a 45 minute to one-hour cycle ride once a week, setting himself a target of beating his personal best each time.

Danny said: “I’ve seen some huge results and I’m so pleased! I’ve managed to lose more than 10kg in six months taking my weight down from 92.9kg to 81.6kg.

“Through the use of Bannatyne’s InBody Analyser, I’ve also discovered that I’ve gone down 4 levels in Visceral Fat (fat stored around the organs), dropped my overall Body Fat Percentage by 10% and maintained a constant level with his muscle mass.”

Well done Danny; you've had some massive results over the last six months. Keep it up!!

Anne - Falkirk

Anne Simpson, a member of our Falkirk club, has shared a great member story with us and we wanted to share it with you to give everyone a motivational boost! “I started coming to Bannatyne Falkirk almost two years ago with my son, who had just turned 16, and needed some extra training to complement his karate training, he is in the Scottish National Team.  I chose Bannatyne based on the standard of fitness instructors as I wanted personal training sessions for my son. 

“Personally, I wanted a gym with a pool.  I had been a member of other gyms but found them small and I was unable to use the equipment I wanted due to the number of other people using them.  Bannatyne seemed big enough for me not to have this problem. “For the first year I plodded along doing my programme three times a week, adding extra bits in, but not really getting anywhere.  I’d lose weight during the week and gain it at the weekend or on the frequent holidays I enjoy.  Something had to give, therefore in February 2018, I decided to give up wine. 

“I drank a glass of wine most nights and more at the weekend.  When I drank wine I snacked on crisps, cheese and biscuits, pizza etc and the next day craved carbs and fat.  No wonder I couldn’t lose weight! The weight started falling off me as soon as I made this change. I’d always eaten healthily apart from when I was drinking wine. “As the weight started to come off, I started to get more confident in the gym and was constantly at the instructors for advice on which classes they thought I could handle with the long-standing injuries I have. I have done karate since I was eight years old, so wasn’t completely unfit.  I joined the B conditioned class, which was so hard at first, but I persevered and it’s one of my favourite classes.  I love the challenge and push myself hard in this class. At the beginning I point blank refused to do a few of the exercises, but now there’s not much I can’t do, I’ve even learned to love burpees! I make the modification of doing them on a small step which helps takes the strain off my shoulder. 

“I also do LBT and Step and Tone classes twice a week, which are also challenging, getting the steps right was a nightmare at the beginning but I’ve got it now.  I’ve done Pilates for two years now and core work is definitely my favourite. I’ve also recently started Body Pump, I’m still learning, but loving it. 

“I find that attending classes can be very social, which definitely makes them more entertaining. “I currently do about nine hours a week in the gym and two hours karate and I love it, I’m always looking for something new and Bannatyne has plenty to offer. “My starting weight was 17st 4lbs and I’m now down to 12st 7lbs, not far from five stone loss.  My BMI has gone from 42 to 29.9, my percentage body fat has gone from 51 to 37 and my visceral fat level from 20 to 14. 

“I’ve still got a couple of stone to go to reach my goal, but I turned 50 last year and have never been fitter.  I am still shocked sometimes when I look in the mirror and have had loads of lovely compliments from the other members at the gym.”

Natalie - Ingleby Barwick

We’re sharing a member story with you to kick-start the New Year, from Natalie Rodwell, a member of our Ingleby Barwick club.

Natalie takes part in many of our spinning and functional classes and has lost a fantastic two stone!

As well as taking part in the classes, Natalie also uses a MyZone belt as part of her workout routine. Not only has she seen success in her weight loss, but the MyZone belt has also highlighted that her resting heart rate has decreased from 65bpm to 55bpm. This proves that Natalie’s overall fitness has improved.

Natalie has shared some fantastic before and after pictures and I’m sure we can agree she’s done so well, and of course looks fabulous!

Well done Natalie.

Well done to the members of our Newcraighall club who entered their first triathlon competition on New Year’s Day 2018 at the Royal Commonwealth pool.

The members participated in a 400m swim, followed by a 16km bike ride, equivalent to three loops of Arthur’s seat, and finally, running a loop of the same course.

Through continued training and personal training sessions, they managed to shave minutes off their time in this year’s New Year’s Day 2019 triathlon. Member Annmarie Hughes managed to take an impressive 14 minutes off last years’ time. First timer, member Gibby Gibson, finished the competition in an impressive 1hr 15 minutes.

Claire - Chester-le-Street

2018 was an amazing year for Claire, Fitness Instructor, at Bannatyne Health Club in Chester-le-Street and one she would love to share with all our fantastic members.

Claire’s journey in the health and fitness industry took a devastating blow at the age of 16 having become very ill with a bad back. Claire was told by her specialist that unfortunately, she would never be able to work in a gym again.

Through hard work and determination Claire has overcome her barriers, and just under 3 years ago Claire took on her role as Fitness Advisor at our Chester-le-Street club.

In 2017, Claire even competed in the Body Fitness Physique Modelling competition in Rainton!  

At the beginning of 2018 Claire set out 2 personal goals:

Firstly to complete her Level 3 Personal Training Qualification, which she achieved in October 2018.

Secondly, to achieve her first Les Mills Qualification. Claire received her Les Mills RPM qualification pass approval through on the 24 December 2018, a fantastic early Christmas present.

This year, 2019, Claire’s number one goal is to help as many members as possible to achieve their own personal fitness goals. Claire is doing this by offering 1-2-1 and group personal training sessions available at various times of the day and week at Chester-le-Street. Claire is also available to assist members through inductions, assessments and programs available to book via the Bannatyne App or member portal.

Claire said: “I could not have done this without the love and support of my family and friends around me and I know how much their support has contributed to achieving my goals.

“2018 was a year I can be proud of and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings for myself and the members of Chester-le-Street.”

If you want to find out more speak to Claire in club, DM our Facebook page or email fitness.chesterlestreet@bannatyne.co.uk.

Bhupendra - Leicester

Congratulations to Bhupendra Parmar, a member of our Leicester club, for kick-starting his wellness journey.

Bhupendra started using the gym many years ago along with his brother and their wives with his main aim being to increase his mobility and all around general fitness.

At first, he knew very little about the gym and how to use certain equipment, making it a bit of a struggle. However, as time passed and after meeting friends in the gym, Bhupendra was able to increase his flexibility, mobility and strength.

Bhupendra said: “Compared to other health clubs, Bannatyne Leicester actually makes me want to wake up and go to the gym. The club has a great atmosphere and great staff, who make the effort to speak to you and assist you in any way they can.

“It’s a great place to meet like minded people and share experiences with them in a gym environment.”

Great progress Bhupendra!

Jennifer - Stepps

Jennifer Russell, a member of our Stepps club, put her confidence in George, one of Stepps’ personal trainers and wow, what a transformation she’s seen!

Jennifer said: “I have previously had PTs in the past and they struggled to get me the physique I was looking for, educating me that the less I eat the better my weight loss.

“After an in-depth conversation with George, I was confident in putting my trust in him as a coach as he was very professional. George took all my considerations into perspective when organising my nutrition and training plan. He was motivating from the get-go and has continued to motivate throughout my training. 

“The training plan provided was both exciting and challenging, making me keen to follow and adhere to it. George educated me on nutrition throughout our training, helping me to understand why I was eating more than previous PT’s had advised me to. 

“George shared his knowledge on how to best utilise certain food groups at certain times of the day to help stop cravings, level blood sugar and speed up my metabolism. He also showed me how to stay focused on my physique while having a flexible social life. 

“I am now in the best shape of my life, thanks to George, and will continue on this fitness journey gaining more knowledge and a better physique. 

“I would definitely recommend George as a PT to anyone in Bannatyne Stepps looking to get in shape, whilst still being able to have a flexible social life. 

“That’s given us the motivation we need, how about you?

Karen - Dunfermline

Motivational post! Karen, a member of our Dunfermline club, has lost seven stone in two years and six months and dropped six dress sizes from a size 22 to a size 8/10!

Karen said: “I have been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life and each time I would lose weight, I would put it all back on and then some.

“After finding out that my husband had been diagnosed with type-2 Diabetes, we decided to take a look at our lifestyle, changed our eating habits and introduced exercise into our routines.

“I decided to join Bannatyne Dunfermline after I had lost four stone as I felt much more confident to be in the gym environment. Since joining, I have progressed from just using the treadmill and pool to attending most of the classes at the club!

“After losing even more weight, I decided to ask for a little help from Debs, a personal trainer at Bannatyne Dunfermline, to help me tone up the stubborn bits. Now, I’m down to a size 8/10 and feeling more confident than ever.”

Well done Karen!

Helen - Sutton Coldfield

Well done to Helen, Senior Fitness Advisor at our Sutton Coldfield club, for topping the MyZone points table again in December!

Helen achieved an amazing 12,495 MyZone Effort Points (MEP’s) which is well over the MyZone recommended target of 2,000-4,000 MEP’s per month!

Helen said: "Since I started using MyZone, I have found it to be the ultimate training partner. Whenever I'm wearing my MyZone belt, it makes me work harder - even walking the dog has become more of a jog! It kept me motivated during Christmas and I can't wait to challenge myself further in the new year."

Do you think you can beat Helen’s fantastic score? Speak to a member of the fitness team for more information on MyZone, or book yourself onto one of our MyZone inductions now!

Tracey & John - Norwich

Tracey and John, members of our Norwich club are regular Speedflex attendees and they have begun training for their charity 3 Peak Challenge which will take place over three days.

Tracey said: “We’re attending regular Speedflex classes to help with our training as well as BodyPump and gradient training on the treadmill. This will help us to conquer Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdonia.”

John said: “We’re raising money for the British Lung Foundation and we would greatly appreciate any donations, big or small, and some encouragement if you see us in the gym!”

Good luck to you both!

Henry - Banbury

We would like to say a huge congratulations to Henry Elsom, a member of our Banbury club, who has picked up his second world title for bodybuilding.

Henry was awarded the title when he competed in the Grandmasters category (over 50s) at the World Natural Bodybuilding Championships held in Los Angeles in November 2018.

Henry said: “I joined Bannatyne Banbury more than ten years ago after a departure from my normal preference of a ‘spit ‘n sawdust’ style gym however, it has proved to be a good move for me.

“Through a combination of yoga, regular weight training and cycling, I have been able to improve on the foundations laid down from my first venture into an ‘old school’ gym way back in my mid-teens.

“No gym is perfect, but the facilities here and the investment in the gym are major factors in Bannatyne Banbury remaining my first choice of training venue. Bannatyne has also played a big part in my success over the last ten years throughout competing in the natural bodybuilding competitions.

Kay - Burton on Trent

We’d like to share some New Year motivation with everyone! Kay Clarke, a member of our Burton on Trent club, has committed to some revamped personal training sessions with Bannatyne PT Nick, as part of her New Year’s resolutions.

Kay said: “I have been a regular participant in various exercise activities for the last 15 years or so. I joined Bannatyne Burton on Trent about five years ago and have attended at least five times a week, initially swimming daily but then taking part in a wide variety of classes.

“After speaking with Nick, I decided to have a complete change in the type of exercise I engaged in, as, although I enjoyed what I was doing and knew I was fit, I was not getting the visual changes I would have liked.

“In June Nick took me through three separate PT sessions using weights, targeting different muscle groups for an all over body workout. 

“All I can say is wow, what a change it has made! It has completely transformed the way my body looks, I now have muscles I never knew existed.

“Overall although I have gained some weight my actual body size has pretty much stayed the same. My new body is toned and defined, and in 6 months my targeted weight programme has managed to do what years of exercise has failed to do.

“I now have a revised programme and I am looking forward to the changes I will see throughout this year.”

Brian - Newport

This month, our Newport health club’s member spotlight goes to Brian Moss - a member who, like many of us have, found himself stuck in a rut and becoming a ‘couch potato’ - something I’m sure we have all related to at some point or another!

Read his journey back to good health…

“Five years ago, following a varied and very active working life, I finally plucked up the nerve to retire. After the initial euphoria, I found retirement was not as wonderful as I had first imagined. On reflection, this was largely my own fault, but I had reason.

During my time in the military, I sustained a debilitating injury. I became less and less active, to the point of which, I was registered disabled. Eventually, I received hospital treatment - relieving some of the pain. However, although my physical pain was improving, my mobility was a different story; I felt as though I was destined to be immobile for the foreseeable future. 

This was difficult to accept, especially because I had been a very fit and active individual both during my military and working careers. So, instead of accepting it and becoming the proverbial ‘couch potato’, I did something about it. 

I have now been a member of Bannatyne’s for about 7/8 years and I have found my old self. I started largely with swimming, but last year I added in aqua-aerobics and began performing cardio exercises 3x per week. With my new-found active lifestyle, I even joined Slimming World.

Today, I am proud and pleased to say that I have lost almost 5 stone, my waist is down from 45 to 37, and my clothing size has decreased from an XXXXL to Large.

The staff at Bannatyne’s are great, and so are all the members. Everybody is lovely to interact with and there’s just a comfortable, homely-feel to the place. As I come to the end of my 70th year, thanks to Bannatyne, I have found the ability to be active in my own disabled way. And even better, I’m enjoying it.

With my old confidence back, I also decided to BRAVE the SHAVE in October for the Macmillan Cancer nurses and raised £350.

I hope to have reached a 5st weight loss by Christmas/ New Year and then my target weight of 13st 10lb a few months later.”

A great read from Brian - I’m sure we’ve all experienced something in life which has set us off-track in terms of looking after our health and fitness. But, as Brian has demonstrated, it is possible to fight against the easy option of giving up. Well done, Brian!

Tommy - Ayr

After years of battling with his weight, a member of our Ayr club, Tommy, decided enough was enough and in January 2017, he found the determination and drive to change his lifestyle.

Tommy had been a member at Bannatyne Ayr since 2015 but lacked the motivation and confidence to attend the gym consistently.  He started by making small changes to his diet and increasing his activity levels by attending the gym 3-4 times a week consistently and allowing himself to have one “cheat meal” at the weekend. These small changes to his lifestyle saw him lose a staggering six stone over an 18-month period.  Tommy said: “If it wasn’t for the friendly, helpful and encouraging fitness instructors at Bannatyne Ayr, I don’t think I would have got as far as I have done.

“Les Mills BodyAttack and RPM have been a great help in reaching my initial goal of reducing my weight.

“But as the saying goes, there is always room for improvement and I’m looking forward to seeing more progress in the New Year.” Everyone at team Bannatyne would like to congratulate Tommy on his amazing results and hope to remain a part of his continued journey!

Dawn - Dumfries

We wanted to share our Dumfries member, Dawn’s story with you all to give you the extra motivation you need before the New Year! 

"I’m Dawn, a 43 year old mother of six! I joined Bannatyne Dumfries in August 2018 with