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Bannatyne Success Stories

Bannatyne Success Stories

Max - Bury St Edmunds

Our Bury St Edmunds club has shared its ‘Member of the Month’ success story with us.

Max Venmore-Rowland has achieved a fantastic weight loss so far and is on track to keep smashing his goals!

Max said: “In 2018 I hit my heaviest ever weight and found that I was becoming less mobile and finding that my size was becoming a real problem.

“While I had joined the gym, I was frustrated at a lack of progress. I decided to seek out help and Karl became my personal trainer late in 2018.  

“Karl has been an inspiration and has opened up a new perspective of fitness training. His encouragement and commitment to my goals even when they seem far off, is brilliant.  Thanks to Karl I actually enjoy the fitness experience and I am challenging myself to achieve things I thought were in my past. Karl manages to make every session different, whether it be stamina, strength, core or cardio there is a mix of challenges including boxing sparring which is new to me. Another aspect important to me is has been the improvement of my general mobility.

“I have a long way to go - the next landmarks will be hitting 130kg and then 120kg but now I have confidence I can achieve them.

“Thank you Karl!”

Patricia - Kingsford Park

We have been speaking to one of our longest standing members at our Kingsford Park club, Trish. She has been through a lot over the last couple of years but is still as lively and positive as ever.

After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in July last year, Trish fought through the chemotherapy treatment and had a section of bowel removed. This didn't dissuade her from still coming in to swim and make her holiday. During further check-ups after going into remission, they found three growths on her liver which she is still receiving treatment for.

Trish's determination and positive mindset is uniquely joyful and lovely to be around. Upon asking what has kept her going, Trish said: "Coming to the club has helped, it's been great to socialise, and I have recommended it to several people who are now members. I have a very strong family behind me and the support of my husband. It also helps to keep your sense of humour. I've also got the added bonus of being Scottish and made of girders!”

Having a positive mindset goes a long way but having a strong support network for the lows and the highs is very important. It's always ok to ask for help or share your thoughts and feelings to friends and family. There is always someone to help keep your spirits up.

Dennis - Lowestoft

We have been catching up with the Stimpson family about their time at Bannatyne Lowestoft. Take a read of Dennis' testimonial from his sessions with fitness advisor, Vikki. 

Dennis said, 'When my wife came home from her first few sessions with Vikki, I was impressed with the technicalities she was being taught and her level of motivation, so I decided to book just a few sessions myself. 

'I have attended the gym for a number of years and thought it would be a good idea to get some professional knowledge and assessment of how I was using the equipment available at the gym. Vikki's in-depth technical knowledge, her attention to small details and her obviously genuine and real interest in her clients has been impressive and exactly what I wanted. 

'As an example, I had a knee injury and never used any leg machines. She has worked with me on this and I can now use them without strain or injury. I now use a greater variety of exercises, both off and on the resistance machines and much more importantly, I am enjoying exercise and coming to the gym!' 

'I use the gym to try keep fit and whilst I do not use Vikki for cosmetic results, it's still gratifying to have such positive comments from friends and family. 

'If you are looking for a personal trainer or fitness advisor, I can thoroughly recommend Vikki, whatever your age or physical condition, she will offer a genuine interest in working with you.' 

Well done with your results Dennis. Keep smashing it in the gym! 

Christine - Wakefield

Meet Christine, a member of our Wakefield club. We think she is a true inspiration, proving that age is just a number! Christine is 73 years young. She has been a member of our Wakefield health club for more than 11 years and she has built a lot of friendships with fellow members and staff. Christine enjoys attending regular classes each week including Body Combat, Body Attack, Body Pump, Metafit, Hiit Circuit and her new favourite classes are the B:Functional classes. 

Even though Christine is partly sighted, this has never stopped her working to her maximum ability and challenging the younger generation to keep up. Christine pushes her limits and likes to keep challenging herself, so much so that she purchased a MyZone belt. Christine says that “MyZone has helped improve my fitness” and each month she has been smashing her recommended MEPs (myzone effort points). She currently has nine months left before she will reach hall of fame status. During her time at Bannatyne Wakefield she has inspired a lot of members and staff with her ‘never give up’ attitude. 

Thank you for being a part of the Wakefield club Christine and well done on your fitness journey so far!

Richard - Mansfield

Meet Richard, a member of Bannatyne Mansfield. Richard joined Bannatyne more than a year ago and has recently decided to make a massive change to his daily routine, by balancing a healthy lifestyle & nutrition with exercise. 

Richard said, 'On returning from a recent holiday, I got on the scales at home and was at my heaviest ever weight, 15st 9lbs. I have been a member of Bannatynes now for over a year however, my visits weren't that frequent. 

'I booked in to have an induction with Luke, and as part of my induction I was weighed on the InBody machine. The results were far from ideal, the main thing picked out was that my muscle mass was below the required level and my body fat percentage was way too high at 40%, yes 40%! The machine also gave lots of other important information about my body and I received a printout of the report. During the induction Luke also showed me how to use the gym equipment, gave me a suggested workout plan and advised on the best classes to attend. 

'After just four weeks of sticking to a very low fat, low calorie diet and following my work out plan, I had reduced my weight by 20lbs and my fat percentage by 5%. 

'I can't praise the team at Bannatyne Mansfield enough, everyone always makes me feel welcome and the instructors are great and full of encouragement to keep me motivated and on track to achieve my goal. 

'I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Bannatynes and look forward to my new healthier lifestyle.'

Sarezah - Kingsford Park

Anybody who has known Sarezah from the start of her transformation will agree it's nothing short of amazing. She started her journey at 32.7 stones and just over a year ago, we highlighted her amazing weight loss at the five year mark, dropping half her body weight. 

Now, we are just over the six-year mark and she has been keeping up her training and refining her shape, strength and movement. Sarezah has dropped to a comfortable 13.6 stones, that's a total weight loss of 19.1 stones. 

Whilst on this journey, she has come across many obstacles, and one of her main issues was with her knees and shoulders. Carrying that much weight has caused knee stress and signs of osteoarthritis, so maintaining joints has been a real focus, including stretching and light warm ups. One of the biggest factors was to not 'leap before looking' during some classes. Anything that might over stress the joints was avoided, and alternatives found until it was felt the joints could handle one or two to test the effect. 

The combination of diet, personal training, classes and gym work, but most of all a personal determination, has led to this amazing transformation and we will assist in any way possible as her journey continues! 

Michael & Tom - 10 in 10 Gambia Challenge

A message from our Darlington members, Michael and Tom, who are hoping to increase their fundraising for their trip to Gambia following the collapse of Thomas Cook this week. 

Emergency Funding Appeal

Dear friends, family and partners who have supported us on our challenge to run 10 marathons in 10 days across The Gambia so far. 

It saddened us to see the collapse of one of the UK's most trusted travel companies, Thomas Cook, which saw more than one million people, including our 10 in 10 team, affected as a result of ceasing trading. 

We understand that there are people who are in a far worse position than ourselves, with some people having weddings cancelled and losing their jobs - our hearts go out to everyone affected in some way. 

We need your help now, more than ever before to raise the £10,000 we set out to achieve and if possible, raise more to help the people of The Gambia during this hard time. If there are any companies out there who could give generously to raise as much money as possible and to ensure our team can still make the challenge in The Gambia possible. The Gambian government has held an emergency meeting over the collapse of Thomas Cook. There is concern that it will heavily impact tourism which contributes more than 30% of The Gambia's GDP.
When we first started planning this challenge, the potential collapse of our travel provider, didn’t ever cross our minds. It has hit us hard, as every member of our team, including myself and Michael, have invested large amounts of time and money to make this challenge possible. We have built up an incredible support team, who were meant to be joining us in The Gambia, offering medical expertise, security and filming to show to everybody who has supported us in some way over the
last year the incredible journey we have gone through. The team joining us in The Gambia consisted of more than ten people who had all individually paid to travel to The Gambia to assist us at their own expense, as the causes we are raising money for have a huge connection to them personally, which sadly could all be lost now.
We set out eight months ago with the aim of raising £10,000 for three incredible charities, which have a huge connection to every single one of us. The collapse of the company which was taking us from the UK to The Gambia isn’t going to stop us, whether we have to walk, crawl or swim there - we are doing this challenge, and nothing will stop us!
However, we need your help more than ever before. We simply cannot do this challenge without our support team who will be providing their services to keep us alive in what is essentially a life- threatening challenge.

Not only has this had a huge impact on our team and with the dwindling possibility that the challenge may not be possible without our support team, the collapse of Thomas Cook will have a detrimental impact on this country which relies solely on tourism as their income. Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd was the main tour operator for The Gambia, and of the 100,000-150,000 tourists visiting The Gambia each season (October – April) 60% are UK Citizens using Thomas Cook airlines.
The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with the average wage being £1 per day. That’s right, only £1 per day!! The 2019/20 tourist season is going to be hit hard, which consequently will cause mass amounts of local people without an income to provide food for their family.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.
Tom and Michael, and The 10 in 10 Gambia team ❤️ 

Jack - Lowestoft

'In September 2018, I felt like a fit and healthy 24-year old. I was working, training in the gym, I felt completely normal, unbeknownst to what was really going on inside me. 

'A couple of weeks into the month I developed a rash on my torso, swiftly followed by extreme night sweats and fatigue. I ignored it for a while, hoping it would sort itself out and I went to the chemist for some cream hoping it would the rash out; how wrong I was!

'After a couple of weeks of trying different creams, I booked to see the doctor to explain that nothing was working. Whilst I was there, I started to explain my other symptoms and he recommended a blood test, to hopefully shine a light on what was going on. 

'Friday 12th October 2018, the morning after my blood test, I get the phone call, 'Jack, the doctor would like to see you urgently, can you come in?'

'So off i went, not knowing what to expect. On arrival at the doctors, I am sent straight through and he had just finished a phone call with the hospital. His only words were, 'Jack, I have an idea of what this is, but I need you to go as soon as possible to have further tests, it's not going to be nice but we have to get the ball rolling, good luck!' 

'I arrived at the hospital on the 16th, still with no idea as to what was wrong. I was directed to the ward from reception..'The Cancer Ward'. 

'I sat down, surrounded by posters and patients, hoping deep down that I had taken a wrong turn or that the consultant may have been the only one available at the time.

'After seeing the consultant, he explained that he was 90% certain I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, however I'd need a PET scan and a biopsy to make sure 100% and to see how far it had spread. Within the following couple of weeks, I underwent the scan and biopsy and nervously awaited the results. 

'Results day arrived and it was confirmed, Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Something that could have been developing for over a year before.'

'Not understanding the states of Cancer at the time, stage 4 is the most advanced and for many other cancers, it's difficult to treat. But being a blood cancer, I was reassured I'd still have an 85% chance of recovering. I could beat this!

' I knew there was nothing I could do to change the outcome, apart from put my trust in the consultants and nurses to remain positive. The consultant explained the chemotherapy timetable to me and said it would take between four to eight cycles, each cycle consisting of four round of chemotherapy. I remember jokingly saying I would beat it in four!

'Tuesday 20th November, the start of my chemo journey, the strongest they could give me. I signed off the sheets and entered the unknown. After the first cycle was over, my hair started to fall out, a small change but a sign in my eyes that the chemo was doing it's thing - its working! 

'Cycle two soon followed a couple of weeks after that and on Christmas Eve, I had my interim PET scan. I was feeling optimistic. I had embraced the changes and I was still positive that everything was going to be okay. 

'2nd January 2019 - results day - Happy new year!  - two cycles down and look at the reaction already. After meeting with the consultant again, he recommended two more cycles, just to make sure for certain that I would hopefully remain clear, followed by another PET scan just to confirm. Was I really going to do this in 4 cycles? Two more cycles swiftly passed and by the end of February, it was over. 

'10th April - Remission. I felt on top of the world, with a completely different outlook on life. It wasn't until I started to feel better after the treatment , that I realised just how ill I was before. At the time however, it felt like normality because Hodgkin's Lymphoma is invisible. 

''The idea of this , is to just raise some awareness to the disease and the symptoms to look out for:

  • Night Sweats
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • enlarged Lymph Nodes
  • A persistent cough or feeling of breathlessness
  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Increased risk of infections

'At the start of June, I returned to Bannatyne Lowestoft. I felt nervous to start with because I felt like I was starting all over again. However, the support of fellow members and staff has been fantastic, and I am now getting back on track.

'I hope this can be used to encourage somebody who has been on the same journey or currently going through it, not to be afraid, to remain positive and to let them know that the support is there. 

'The gym is not just for physical health, but also your mental health and wellbeing. Most importantly, listen to your body and enjoy life.''

Staff & members of Dumfries

Over the past few weeks our Dumfries club has been raising money for Marie Curie. One of our members Liz Grieve has helped the club with organising a coffee morning, general fundraising, including a book sale, and a duathlon/triathlon. 

At the moment, the current total raised is sitting at just over £1800 ( not including Gift Aid!) The club has also another £500 coming from Bank of Scotland from sponsorship of one of our members who took part. 

Great effort team Dumfries! 

Julie - Burton On Trent

'Im Julie and I recently joined Bannatyne Burton on Trent. I used to be a member many years ago but after I was diagnosed with cancer and had undergone a year of chemotherapy, sadly I wasn't able to attend for a while. 

'I took up running but soon had to give it up as my treatment had affected my joints badly. For the past couple of years, I have had extreme fatigue, tender points and pains throughout my body.'

'In October 2018 I was tested to see if my cancer had returned along with some other tests. Thankfully, I was still cancer free but other results showed I had fibromyalgia, IBS, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Two holes were also found in my spine and my knees are not too well, the chemotherapy and medication has certainly taken its toll.

'The more I researched to try and help me through my diagnosis, exercise kept popping up and a change of diet. I knew if I wanted to improve, I had to give myself a good kick and get motivated, so I re-joined Bannatyne's and took things from there. 

'Natasha was great, friendly and approachable and she kindly did my induction and training programme for me. She made me feel at ease and relaxed as I was a little anxious because it had been so long since I had been inside a gym. 

'I decided to join the spin class which I now love, I've got a detailed programme for the gym, cardio and weights, and hopefully I will be joining the body pump classes soon! The yoga classes will be great for my fibromyalgia so hoping to give them a go. 

'I'm really enjoying being back and my energy levels have risen. I feel more relaxed after i've been to the gym, my weight is dropping off and my muscle mass is building too! 

'My future goals are to hit my target weight and get fitter, I'm finally focused and it feels great to be back. Onwards and upwards!'

I think we can all agree that Julie is an inspiration! 

Darren Kinsey - Banbury

'On the 4th September 2019, I decided to try and swim the distance of the English Channel which is 22 miles or 35,406 metres, before my birthday on Saturday 21st September. Of course, I was a little nervous because I have never ever undertaken such a long duration challenge like this before, although I have previously climbed Three Peaks for the Oxford Newborn Care Unit, cycled the Coast to Coast Challenge across the North of England, and ran 100k for Rainbow Children's Trust, but none were a match for a 17 day challenge!'

'I have always maintained a higher body weight and so this type of thing keeps me motivated to try to keep healthy and lose weight.'

'The swim challenge was purely a random decision because I began using the swimming pool area at Bannatyne's and enjoyed the calm and sedate atmosphere the facility presents to its users, so this was in the most part the catalyst for this event being my next chosen challenge.

The charity I am doing the event for is Children with Cancer UK, and have so far raised £247.00 for this most heartfelt cause. Here is a link to my Facebook page that has the full details. https://bit.ly/2mmMb3F

'I have so far swarm 27,400 metres and have 8006 metres left to swim by Saturday 21st to complete this challenge. It has been a huge boost to me because I have time and time again pushed my boundaries and today I completed a personal best 170 laps of the pool in 96 minutes.

'Bannatyne Health Club is by far the most welcoming place for individuals looking to find wellness amongst like-minded people. The staff at the Banbury Club are very knowledgeable and always make you feel welcome. The facilities are clean, and the pool is maintained to a very high standard which has made the long challenge all the more enjoyable.'

Lindsey Hedley - Milton Keynes

'My fitness journey started about six years ago when I joined a local gym to avoid traffic on the way home from work.

'Up until about five years ago I had tried pretty much everything from endless cardio to various diets and anything else I could find on social media. I was quite happy to go along each week night making it up as I went along but I still wasn't achieving what I wanted. To be honest I didn't know what I wanted but I just knew that what I was doing wasn't it!

'Just over a year ago I joined Bannatyne Milton Keynes as it was close to work so I could go on my lunch breaks. However, it wasn't until January that my fitness journey really changed after I hired Lloyd as my personal trainer. I chose to go down the personal training route because I felt like I needed a fresh mindset. After bingeing over Christmas, I simply couldn't be bothered anymore!

'Over the next six months we worked on the thing I loved the most which was weightlifting. MY PB's were growing week by week and I was feeling like I was getting to the place where I wanted to be. I felt strong and most importantly, I felt happy.

'Working with Lloyd helped me to push myself further than I ever have done, and the gym felt like it wasn't a chore, it became a hobby I loved. 

'Never wanting to be complacent, the past three months took me onto a new challenge where I have been working with Lloyd and a nutritionist to see how much body fat I could cut in three months. We all talk about getting 'ready for the beach' so I saw my upcoming holiday as the end goal.

'After seeing all these women looking lean and toned over social media I thought, 'How hard can it be?' It turns out, pretty hard, and you have to sacrifice a lot!

'Every day I have wanted to give up due to having to watch everything I eat and drink, though it wasn't all leafy salads and chicken, but I have pushed on through to where I am today. It took a support network of Lloyd, my nutritionist and my husband to get me through it. There have been good days and bad days but trusting and following all the guidance Lloyd has given me I know I can achieve my end goal.'

Mihaela Larisa Arama - Luton

'In the seven months I have been a member of Bannatyne's, I have lost around 14kg. Joining the gym for me wasn't about losing weight, but about feeling better in myself and in turn, looking better. 

'It's not all about kilograms, it's about feeling better, happier, more energetic and more toned. Since March, I have transformed from a 'tired turtle', almost depressed, to a smiley, optimistic and really active person. 

'I learned to jump, to run, to build my strength, to box, I am a completely new person! I am still fighting to accomplish my targets, but I'm certainly in much better shape than before. 

'My life has changed since I joined Bannatyne's and met such a wonderful team of instructors, each one of them involving themselves to help members achieve their goals. I would like to say a special thanks to Adam and Maciej, they have helped me to achieve my goals and also helped me to enjoy going to the gym.'

Lucy - Fairfield

We have caught up with Lucy Piper, a member of our Fairfield Club, about her Fitness Journey with Bannatyne. 

Lucy said: ''The gym has never been something I've thought I would enjoy. When moving to Bedfordshire with my boyfriend for two months over the summer, I said that I would join the gym in the aim of getting fitter and losing some weight. I wanted somewhere nicer than most places so chose Bannatyne Fairfield. It was exactly what I wanted; clean, and with friendly staff. 

''Another thing I'd never seen myself doing was personal training. After having an induction with Selma, we booked in for four personal training sessions including a nutrition one. I have enjoyed all of these and Selma has made me feel confident in going to the gym, teaching me how to use the machines and what I should be aiming for to be able to reach my goal of losing weight and getting fit. She's made it fun and interesting and the hour flies by which is always a bonus!

''My confidence on the machines meant that I was still using them even when I went on my own, which I aimed to do 4-5 times a week. On my last session with Selma I went back on the InBody machine and in the space of two weeks, i reduced my body fat percentage by 4% and increased my muscle by 2%. I was very proud of myself for doing this in such a short space of time, this has given me even more motivation to carry on when going back home and joining the Ashford Bannatyne. 

''Without Selma, I wouldn't have done this as she taught me what I need to be doing now to continue my journey. My whole experience at Bannatyne has been brilliant and I have enjoyed every bit.''

Nicola - Ingleby Barwick

A massive 'well done' to our Ingleby Barwick member, Nicola Stevens, who completed the Great North Run yesterday! 

Nicola first thought about taking part in the Great North Run 11 years ago, however a series of health issues including loss of sight, a failed kidney transplant followed by a kidney and pancreas transplant, prevented her from being able to do so. 

11 years on though Nicola has not been deterred and after training hard in the club and outdoors, raising money for Kidney Care UK, she completed the run in four and a half hours! 

Congratulations from all the staff at Bannatyne Ingleby Barwick! 

Matt - Mansfield

We have been chatting to Matt, a member of our Mansfield Club about his fitness journey. 

'At my heaviest, I was 102kg and I have gone from 36% body fat to 17%.' 

'I started a diet, concentrating on eating quality protein sources such as chicken & fish. I also enjoy protein shakes. I have also reduced the high amount of carbs I was eating and alcohol intake, overall making better nutritional choices. '

'I was determined to be the best I could be; It killed me at first, but I never gave up. I made a promise to myself to see my abs by summer. I have enjoyed taking part in classes including speedflex, B-Strong & B-Conditioned, boxercise and regular weight training sessions.'

Jamie, Matt's personal trainer at Bannatyne Mansfield, said; 'Matt's work ethic in the gym has been nothing but inspiring. Every class he comes to he puts 100% effort in and is seeing the rewards.' Matt's an absolute pleasure to coach and is a perfect example of a strong work ethic being the route to success.' 

Simon Leonard - Kingsford Park

In 2011, Simon nearly lost his life after being diagnosed with Swine Flu, developing lung failure and slipping into a coma. After undergoing 12 days of an extremely invasive treatment called ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) , he was transferred to Colchester hospital to continue with his recovery. 

Due to scar tissue now present in his lungs and a need for physical recovery, Simon started his fitness journey in another local gym. As his fitness levels increased, he decided to make the move to Bannatyne Kingsford Park as the facilities offered what he needed to continue to keep him in peak condition. 

Owing his life to the specialist who cared for him, Simon decided to start a fundraiser and created Invasion Colchester. The first event was paid for by saving and borrowing but was such a huge success, the decision was made to continue every year. Working closely with local shops and through the support of family and friends, the last two years brought between 35,000 and 40,000 people to Colchester town from all over the country! 

This year Simon was kind enough to invite Bannatyne Kingsford Park to be involved. You can find us on Saturday 7th September 2019 in Red Lion Square. 

Helen - Dumfries

Meet Helen - A member of our Dumfries club since 2012

After stopping smoking, helen gained weight so she started to do some cardio classes along with weight training. Over the last few years, she decided to compete and has been placed in several body building competitions in order to give herself new challenges. 

Her commitment shows that if you put the effort in, you can get some amazing results. 

You will find her either sweating it out on the stairmaster or in the weight's area - that's even after keeping busy with her grandchildren. 

Maria - Colchester

A member of our Colchester club, Maria February, is running a half marathon in memory of a friend. See some words from her below and on her just giving page. 

Maria said: “I’m running the Great East Run in memory of my friend who sadly lost her battle to a brain tumour. I wanted to do something in her memory and help to say thank you to St Helena Hospice who cared for her and supported her family at the end of her life.

“I would appreciate any small amount towards my £200 target if any fellow members or staff would like to help. Doing my training at the gym is fantastic and I am especially loving the added fitness I’m feeling by doing Sarah's spin class and incorporating yoga with our lovely Chris.”

If you would like to donate to Maria’s JustGiving page, you can do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/fun...

Jenny - Burton On Trent 

We wanted to share with you a lovely message we received from a member of our Burton on Trent club, Jenny Wheeldon.

“Thank you Bannatyne Burton for giving me and my family access to Total Body, they've helped my whole family and I can't thank them enough!

“The reason we joined Bannatyne was because of Total Body’s extensive team of experts. With our family's history of injury and medical conditions and a need to get back to our best fitness, we knew we needed both first class personal training and sports therapy to be available with top quality fitness facilities.  Total Body at Bannatyne Burton gives us the best of both worlds and we've been on quite a journey!

“My daughter, Charlotte, dislocated her knee horse riding and after this it kept dislocating daily.  After talking to Simon and seeing a personally recommended consultant, we found out she had trochlea dysplasia, a condition she would have been born with.  It was doubtful she would ever get back to horse riding and it was devastating to see her missing out on her true love of riding.   

“After five weeks on crutches, Charlotte had extensive physio with the Total Body team and she's back to doing what she loves! She still has sessions now with Simon to build her knee up and to build her muscles up to support her kneecap but she’s back horse riding and now she's even jumping again!

“I have had lots of surgery on my knee due to netball injuries, at my last surgery I was told I would never do extensive gym work again and would never play netball again. Basically, I was written off from taking part in any sports. I then tore my medical collateral ligament (MCL) in December, and I piled on the weight and felt I’d never get back to the gym. 

“With the help of Total Body’s amazing physio, Nick, and weekly PT sessions with Simon, I’m back to the gym every day at 6am.  I'm now doing spin classes and am just about to start playing for a league in netball.  I've lost almost three stone in weight and couldn't be happier! 

“It just shows with the right environment and the right people, anything is possible, and I will be forever grateful for the help and support given to my whole family.  Total Body is a credit to Bannatyne and I’d never think of going anywhere else now.  It's a great match to have such a professional and talented team of personal trainers and sports therapists working in partnership with a fitness club like Bannatyne, we really make the most of our membership here.”

Yasmin - Luton

Yasmin Miah, a member of our Luton club, has shared her inspirational weight loss story with us.

Yasmin said: “It started with me standing outside the Bannatyne Luton club waiting for some friends one evening in 2016. I was eating a hotdog while watching people walk in and out of the gym thinking to myself ‘I REALLY need to join the gym’.

“At that point, I was a size 14 heading to a 16, weighing over 11 stones. I was content with my life, but my weight was something that I always felt so self-conscious about. Something in that moment just switched and, after finishing the hotdog (obviously), I walked into the gym and asked to become a member.

“Luckily for me, my best friend was also a member at the time, and she eased me into gym life. I started by taking part in Metafit classes two to three times a week and this is what kick-started the process for me. It gave me a starting point and basically something to do!

“It was incredibly hard work to start with, and at the end of every class I was always ready to just about collapse. My body would constantly ache but something about that pain became quite addictive, in that it allowed me and others to begin to see changes in myself both physically and mentally…it was working!

“Alongside this, I began to change my eating habits, making healthier food choices and eating smaller portions.

“Even though I had started to lose weight, I was SO apprehensive to go onto the gym floor and didn’t even go in the first few weeks of joining. When I eventually ventured up the stairs, I would only ever go to use the cardio machines. I’d often admirably watch other people, especially women, who were confident enough to go into the weights section and wish I could be one of those one day.

“It wasn’t until the B:Conditioned and B:Corefit classes started that I finally built up the courage to step into that part of the gym that once felt so alien and threatening to me.

“Again, it was challenging at first, but I soon learned that taking part in those classes two to three times a week, was supporting me in becoming more confident in learning/doing new exercises and all the while, helping me to feel better about myself.

“It’s because of a few instructors such as Michal, Scott, Dan, Caroline and Raynar (to name a few), who constantly push you and set the bar so high that it makes training and working out so much more rewarding and motivating.

“Alongside doing my regular classes, I began personal training sessions with Jamie on a weekly basis which was further improving my strength and general wellbeing. I began reaching targets I never would have dreamed of like deadlifting 120kg.

“Although I’m still on my journey, currently I’m a size 8-10 and weigh 8.6 stone. I am so thankful to those who have given me the tools and belief in myself that I can achieve my goals. I can wholeheartedly say, joining Bannatyne and making those lifestyle choices were some of the best choices I have made.”

Ana - Peterborough

We have been chatting to Ana, a member of our Peterborough club, about her fitness journey.

“My name is Ana and I joined Banatayne Peterborough in March 2018, with the objective of losing weight and changing my sedentary lifestyle. Since then I’ve lost almost two stone!

“I am not new to the gym or to the world of fitness and weight loss over the 31 years of my life I’ve tried pretty much every diet and plan under the sun…and failed miserably at them all. This time was no different, until I met Em!

“We hit it off on one of her classes and she offered to do my induction. I was a bit dubious because I didn’t think I needed one, I was just going to do the exercise and follow my own thing, after all I’ve been to this gym before, there’s nothing this girl could add to my knowledge. Boy was I wrong! Em was funny, positive, kept me in check and motivated, gave a nutrition plan and plenty of advice and was always available to put up with my random questions.

“I guess the key for success here is that Em didn’t give up on me even after I had. Life got in the way and I lost my motivation completely, wanting to go back to old habits and just throw in the towel.

“But my PT, my new friend, this person who I thought was going to tell me off, picked me up and made me see that we are all human and one lost battle doesn’t mean we’ve lost the war. It’s ok to cheat, its ok to have a bad day and eat cake, its ok to go out and have some drinks, just not every day and if we do that, then we need to work harder at the gym.

“Em taught me that I needed to be honest with myself, be mindful of what I was doing and keep the goal within sight to achieve anything. It was Em’s confidence and friendship that brought me this far and I know it will take me where I need to be and for that, I’ll be forever grateful to her!”

Kate - Milton Keynes

Kate joined our Milton Keynes club around a year and half ago. Kate weighed 93kg in April and now weighs 70kg, she was a yo-yo dieter with a very inconsistent fitness regime. When she first joined, she attended classes twice a week because the thought of the gym was daunting which many new starters can relate to. 

Starting with her diet, followed by a commitment to a mixture of classes and gym sessions, Kate’s attendance increased to 5/6 times per week, and just like that, she found her passion for fitness! 

The fitness team at the Milton Keynes club has helped Kate in her fitness journey, even with Shola supporting her achieving her first pull up. She still has a way to go in her fitness journey, but it has given her the confidence to be the best version of herself. This has not only been a physical change but has driven her determination and changed her mindset.

This is a fantastic achievement and we wish you all the best on your continued journey.

Hayley - Norwich West

Meet Hayley, a member of our Norwich West club. She has made an incredible transformation since becoming a member! Hayley took the time to answer a few questions about how she managed to smash her fitness goals:

How much weight have you lost? Since 1st January 2019, I have lost 18kg. 

What type of training are you undertaking currently at the gym? I am currently focusing on bodybuilding. I work out four days and rest one day, working out two muscle groups each session.  What inspired you to start? My mother uploaded a picture of me to Facebook from Christmas Day 2018; the moment I saw the picture I was mortified. I always knew that I was overweight, I’d already lost a lot of baby weight since my son was born in 2018 and thought that I looked great. I burst into tears and asked my husband how he could love me when I was so fat, unhealthy and miserable. Thankfully his response was that he’d always love me no matter what (perhaps he just knew what to say!).

Even so, that’s when I decided that I had to change my lifestyle. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, continue feeling unhappy and unattractive nor would I continue promoting an unhealthy diet and lifestyle for my two children. I joined a slimming club and signed up for