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Adrian has completed Start Smart

Adrian has completed Start Smart

Start Smart is complimentary with your Bannatyne membership.

Our experts will help you to understand more about you and your fitness needs, providing you with your very own personal InBody report. This will help you to understand more about you - specifically your weight, muscle, and fat levels.  They will also discuss and review with you the benefits of MyZone, following a MyZone session in order to show your current cardiovascular fitness levels - which is a great indicator of your heart health.  And finally, they will review and discuss primal movements, providing you with an analysis to design a bespoke programme which will allow you to achieve results to improve your daily way of life. 

Adrian, a member at our Newport club has just completed his Start Smart programme with the fitness manager Kelly. He’s shown amazing commitment and even better results.

Adrian said: “I looked like Marshmallow Man when I joined up. Thanks to Kelly and the starter plan she gave me, I've lost about 2kg of fat and gained around 1 kg of muscle in less than six weeks. Would be more if I didn't like food so much.

“I really didn't know what to do in the beginning, but she showed me what to do and I gained more confidence. It's not been easy, but she has really helped me to get going again and for once, I believe that it's possible to become the best version of myself (at least physically).

“I appreciate what she has done for me and indeed all of the staff at Bannatyne’s Newport gym, who are all really lovely!”