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Kenny Cloke's Trike Update

Kenny Cloke's Trike Update

Kenny Cloke, a member of Bannatyne Health Club in Belfast has been able to purchase a wheelchair trike to aid his mobility thanks to the help from the club’s members.

Kenny who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative and progressive muscle condition, has raised more than £5,000 thanks to club members who have supported him.

Thanks to Bannatyne Health Club in Belfast, who have made significant contributions towards his fundraising efforts, Kenny was able to go to New York with his family and explore the city with his new chair.

His manual wheelchair was suitable for indoor use, such as going to college, however Kenny struggled with using it outdoors. By having this attachment, he has become much more self-reliant and is able to complete more outdoor activities independently.

He has previously swam 21 lengths of the pool for his 21 st birthday earlier this year to raise money for the trike attachment. With members supporting his efforts to raise £5,000, he is now able to use his wheelchair without needing assistance.

Terence Cullen, manager of the health club at Mertoun Hall, Belfast Road, Holywood, said:

“We are delighted to be a part of Kenny’s journey. Watching him gradually build up the strength and swim 21 lengths to raise money for his chair attachment has truly been inspiring.

“Seeing how the trike has improved Kenny’s life is very rewarding and we are glad that Bannatyne members and club staff could aid him in the next stage in his life.” 

The club has helped improve Kenny’s quality of life. He has been able to tackle his day-to-day activities, such as meeting his friends and exercising the dog, with ease.

Graham Cloke, Kenny’s dad, said: “We’re really grateful to the team and members at Bannatyne Health Club Belfast for all their support. The trike has made a huge difference to Kenny’s life and he’s enjoying the increased independence.”

“We were able to travel for miles around New York and we also spent two days at the US Open Tennis, which was all possible due to the trike.”