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Paul from Peterborough's success story

Paul from Peterborough's success story

Paul Mold, a member at our Peterborough club has shared his story in the hope that it will inspire others to make life changes.

“The second lockdown proved difficult for me, no gym, no golf, it was winter, dark, horrible and miserable. The only thing I did was eat and drink. My weight spiralled out of control and I was big before but got even bigger weighing in at just under 21 stone.

“Although I was back at the gym, in September 2021 I decided I needed the expert guidance of a personal trainer. I had seen Adam train other people and thought I would never be able to do that. I also embarked on a low-carb, high-protein diet. I had set myself a target to get below 100 kg within one year. I set milestone targets along the way.

“Adam worked with me and soon had me moving my large frame around the gym. Every Friday was weigh-in day and I started to see the results very quickly both in weight loss but also clothes fitting much better. The InBody monitor at the gym shows not only weight, but muscle mass and percentage body fat so even if the weight loss was slow I could still see improvement. As the weeks went by the weight was coming off and I was smashing each milestone target I set for myself.

“I broke the 100 kg mark after just 32 weeks. I then set myself a new target which was to be 14.5 stone for my son’s wedding as that was the weight I was when I got married some 42 years ago, and I made it.

“I lost in one year over six stone (40 kg).  Adam has taught me how to train even with my bad back. He is also a great mental coach, providing encouragement and support when needed. I continue to train with Adam as I want to lose further weight. The benefits have been fantastic, I have more flexibility, stamina, the pains in my legs and knees have gone and my golf has improved as well. The only downside is I have had to buy a completely new wardrobe, but it is worth it.”