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Revolution-ise Your Fitness - The benefits of group cycling

Revolution-ise Your Fitness - The benefits of group cycling

Over recent year's group exercise has become increasingly popular, with many fitness fanatics taking to classes to achieve their goals. At the forefront of this exercise revolution is Indoor Cycling, the high intensity cycling class that incorporates both cardio and resistance training.

So what are the benefits of Group Cycling and why is it becoming one of the leading workouts of choice?

1. Cardiovascular Fitness

The variety of pace-training in Group Cycling such as sprinting for short bursts paired with steady state speed maintenance over longer intervals has a greatly positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This strengthens the heart and increases lung capacity, thereby improving fitness levels and recovery rate.

2. Muscular Fitness

The use of resistance training in a Group Cycling class promotes muscle growth, tone and development. This type of resistance training over an entire Group Cycling class (usually between 30-45 minutes) builds muscular endurance which will increase muscular strength. Group Cycling uses the large muscle groups of the legs which will develop a lean and defined shaping to the calves, quads and hamstrings.

3. Burn Burn Burn

Taking into account an individual’s body metrics- on average, a person can burn 500 calories in a 45 minute Group Cycling class which is a higher rate in comparison to most exercises in such a short period of time. However, there are ways to further maximise your calorie burn throughout the class such as increasing your speed, turning up your resistance and making sure that you keep moving during transitional periods in order to prevent your heart rate from dropping.

4. High Intensity Without The Impact

Many gym-goers and fitness fanatics experience a variety of knee and other joint pain leaving them searching for alternatives to many exercises such as running, jumping and dancing etc. This is where a Group Cycling class is the perfect solution! As Group Cycling is a purely cycle-based workout there is no hard impact taken through the knees,ankles or feet which is ideal for those with injuries or medical conditions such as arthritis. Group Cycling allows for a high intensity workout without placing pressure upon the joints. Not only this, but Group Cycling will help to strengthen the weakened areas which will help support the joints.

5. Motivation

As may of you will have experienced, it's not always easy to find the motivation to exercise, and even if you do make a start on your workout it is easy to merely coast through instead of working to your max. In a Group Cycling class you are surrounded by like-minded others who are also passionate about fitness; as well as an instructor who is there to support and push you to your limits in order to achieve your fitness goals. The group exercise atmosphere creates a fun environment which also adds a social aspect to your workout which will make it more enjoyable; thereby encouraging you to challenge each other, push yourself and most importantly-persevere.

So go on and give Group Cycling a go! Work at your own level, speed and resistance to gradually build up to reach your maximum potential. Not only will it increase your fitness and improve your health, but you’ll no doubt make some new friends in the process. Not to mention the music-it's like a party on a bike!