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From registered disabled to fully mobile in six months

From registered disabled to fully mobile in six months

A Thanet lady has transformed her life following a full hip replacement and being legally registered as disabled.

66-year-old Alice Thompson’s life changed dramatically on 12th September 2015 when her mobility was taken away from her, resulting in the operation. Six weeks later, with her doctor’s blessing, Alice joined the Bannatyne Health Club in Broadstairs.

Beginning with Yogalates and Aqua classes, the team at Bannatyne Broadstairs helped to tailor Alice’s training to her ability to maximise the improvement of her mobility.

Just six months later, Alice’s mobility had drastically improved and she was no longer considered disabled.

Unfortunately, in 2017, Alice faced a cancer scare and was required to go through numerous tests to determine her diagnosis. It was confirmed a year later that she had Diverticulosis and a drastic change in her diet, leading to weight loss would help to lessen the effect it had on her day to day life.

Determined and up for the challenge, Alice attends the Bannatyne health club almost every day and since joining has lost a fantastic three stone.

Alice said: “I’m so glad I took the plunge and signed up to the gym after my operation. I’ve managed to push myself further than I ever thought I could and it’s amazing to see how my body has adapted over time.

“I’m really enjoying being able to put my all into classes, and dance is definitely my favourite. I even plan my stay-cations around Bannatyne locations to ensure I don’t set back my progress!

“I can honestly say I’m a new woman, and it’s all thanks to Bannatyne for its fabulous facilities and even better fitness instructors. From talking to fellow members at Bannatyne Broadstairs, the impact the gym has on their health and wellbeing is phenomenal and I feel incredibly lucky to be one of the people whose life has changed for the better.”

Rob Hayes, General Manager at Bannatyne Broadstairs, said: “We’re incredibly proud of the progress that Alice has made, and it has been truly humbling to watch her transformation every step of the way.

“Basic mobility is often something you take for granted as an able-bodied person, so it has been an eye-opening experience for all involved at the club. Alice is an integral part of our Broadstairs club, and we all look forward to seeing her in the gym.”