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Amy's Fitness Journey

Amy's Fitness Journey

Amy, senior fitness advisor at our Livingston health club talks about her lockdown experiences and how she used it to her advantage.

She says: “I didn't set out to lose weight, I was confident in my weight and size before.  Being in fitness I was exercising daily and was happy with my fitness level. Being in lockdown was a challenge mentally for myself. The first lockdown I did a lot of running did not focus on diet and lost routine. In the second lockdown it was Winter, and I needed to keep moving and not get lost in the lockdown. I turned to my lifting club for Zoom lifting classes and making a routine. I made sure I got up every morning for the class, I trained on my own, followed my programme and then before my dinner every night I also did another class. This kept me moving and allowed me to fall in love with change. 

I used lockdown to work on myself and came out mentally and physically stronger. 

I didn't stick to a diet. I cleaned up my eating and organised what I was eating and when. I just made healthier choices. Being fitness qualified, I managed to figure this out by myself and set a better structure.”

Amy’s message to members - "There are no giant steps that can get you there, but consistent small steps can" 

This time last year (November 2020) Amy was 87.8 kg now with a loss of 20kg Amy is now only 67.8kg!