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No Equipment? No Excuse!

No Equipment? No Excuse!

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises:

Bodyweight exercises require no equipment or financial backing but are so easy to carry out and can provide you with the same results. These types of workouts can be completed almost anywhere with a bit space and they don’t require any supervision.

Aerobic exercise that gets the heart beating faster than its regular beat is the key to the body burning calories and will be perfect for those with a goal of weight loss. It will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular health problems.

It can also be for those who have a goal of improving muscular strength and what to achieve a more ‘toned’ lean appearance. This is done by keeping the muscles under tension with the added weight, this case being our body weight.


What Level of Fitness is Required?

These types of workouts are aimed at everybody as no set fitness level is required to be able to take part. This is because all bodyweight exercises can be progressed for those who have a higher than average level of fitness, and can be regressed for those just starting out or have a restriction of movement at certain joints due to previous injury.

Why Not Give This Bodyweight Workout Example a Go?

1- Squats

2- Press ups

3- Plank Hold

4- Burpee’s

5- Jumping Jacks

6- Sprint on the spot (high knees)

Round 1 - Complete 1 exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest after each exercise.

Round 2 - Complete 2 exercises for 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest after completing both.

Round 3 - Complete all 6 exercises for 20 seconds each without any rest until all are completed.