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​A truly inspirational story from a Newcraighall member

​A truly inspirational story from a Newcraighall member

The beginning of my fitness journey started after a near-death experience when I was 18 and on my way home from a dance event, which left me in a coma on life support for two weeks, and needing brain surgery. My recovery process included relearning to walk and talk.

This experience led me to the gym to try and make my body fit again and over the years it has enabled me to develop my mental and physical fitness using all the tools and machines available at my local Bannatyne’s Health Club & Spa (Newcraighall Edinburgh). My gained interest in fitness has also helped me achieve a personal trainer and nutrition certificate.

Fitness was one of the main drives in my life as I trained and still train every single day. Bannatyne’s Health Club, the positive management and helpful staff make the club what it is, a happy place.

Apart from my fitness regime, I also have an interest in hip-hop dancing which I taught myself throughout the years and has become part of my fitness workouts. I am glad I chose Bannatyne as a stage in my development and will continue to be there for the foreseeable future.

Each picture shows the structure and dynamics of how I have trained throughout the years and modified my body to perform intensive movements, weight and muscle-controlling techniques.

The pictures were taken to represent the toughness and hardship throughout the years of intensive training to achieve my goal of making myself stronger and fitter, which I have achieved and I wanted to have a record of this moment in my life.

I would now like to personally thank Fiona McNorton, the General Manager of this great club, for making this photoshoot possible with the collaboration of John Clement who is a professional photographer and also one of the longest members at Newcraighall.