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Humberston member sees Health Club as a release

Humberston member sees Health Club as a release

Having suffered from anxiety and depression, Claire turned to the health club as a way of coping with her problems and feeling better about herself.

Claire enrolled onto the six-week HealthStart programme before moving on to the 12-week SmartPath.

Since joining the gym, Claire has lost eight kilograms in weight. In general she is feeling a lot better mentally, than she was six months ago and no longer needs to
take any medication.

Claire (32) who is an accountant, said: “I am absolutely loving my health club journey, the facilities are amazing, and I always look forward to a swim and sauna
after my session.

“I am so grateful for all the staff at Bannatyne who welcomed me from the minute I joined, especially Dec who gave me a plan that at first I didn’t think I could achieve but I stuck with it and I am so pleased I did. I has been a challenge but proved to me that I’m capable of far more than I realise.

“It’s a great community, everyone helps and encourages one another. It's a welcome break from the computer screen and after working from home for so long, I love
seeing the friendly faces. It’s got me through some really tough times.”