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Lauren - Spa therapist from Solihull

Lauren - Spa therapist from Solihull

Meet Lauren our Senior Spa Therapist at Bannatyne Health Club & Spa Solihull. Over the past year Lauren has been investing some time in improving her health and well-being for the better!

Here’s what Lauren has to say:

“I started my weight loss journey for two main reasons. The first being my health; I had some pain in my knee over lockdown and when I saw a doctor about it they just simply said that I needed to lose weight, this was kind of the kick start I needed as at the time I did zero exercise!

Secondly, during the lockdown in Feb 2021 I got engaged! We began planning our wedding so I knew I wanted to feel the best I possibly could on my wedding day!

I had no idea what to do in the gym, so the StartSmart programme was a brilliant starting point. I love seeing the results on the InBody analysis as I can really see everything heading in the right direction.

I started this journey in April 2021 and now February 2022 I notice a huge difference in my body shape and more importantly my health!”

Here is Lauren’s progress so far:

- Reduced weight by 9.9kg

- Reduced body fat mass by 7.8kg

- Reduced BMI by 3.1

- Reduced body fat by 3.8%

- Reduced visceral fat level by three

- Increased total InBody score by six points

- Dropped two dress sizes