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Health Club FAQ

For the most up to date information on Coronavirus symptoms & advice please visit: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/...


Thank you for taking the time to view our Health Club FAQ Page. 

Please read through the information available, if your query is not answered, please use the Online Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page.

Your Bannatyne Health Club

Click HERE to see 19th July 2021 changes and what impact COVID-19 has on your Bannatyne Health Club.

To contact our friendly team please contact us on our Online Enquiry Form

Please, where possible, make use of our online enquiry form, so we can prioritise in dealing with your request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We've Made Some Changes

We have undertaken an extensive assessment of the COVID-19 infection risk to guests and staff. As a result, we have made some changes to our working practices to reduce the risk as far as practicable and deliver first class, professional services. 



In order to reduce touch points and reduce COVID transmission, we have made the decision across the whole Bannatyne business to go cashless. You can use contactless payments or your Bannatyne 360 wristband, only. 

Temperature checks 


  At reception, we will check your skin temperature on your forehead, to make sure that it is not too high. If so, you will be asked to wait for 10 minutes and then be re-tested. 

Unfortunately, you will be denied entry if your temperature reading exceeds this upper limit for a second time. We ask that you please respect our team if they ask you to refrain from entering the club and support us in being compliant with new guidelines. 

Pool Areas 

When operational, the Duty Manager or a team member will carry out periodic headcount checks, which may result in some people being asked to wait in the changing areas for a few minutes, at busy times, until a space becomes available. 

Our Saunas, Steam Rooms and Hot Tubs will be open with limited numbers.* 

Sauna and Steam Rooms will be closed for 1 hour each day for cleaning. 

*Some Saunas and Steam Rooms remain closed, please contact your local club for more information on this. 



On arrival at the health club, we would ask that all members wear a face mask or visor on entrance. If you forget yours, we do have these on sale at the main club Reception. The washable and reusable ones are £9.99 for a pack of 2. 

We also require members and guests to wear a facemask in the club, with the exception of when you are exercising. 

Please check our Coronavirus Update for specific updates on your Country. 

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitisation 


We’ve further increased our already exemplary cleaning and disinfecting regimes. We’ve introduced regular deep-cleaning and, with the help of our cleaning stations located around the club, members and guests are required to use the approved cleaning product and disposable roll, to sanitise touch points after use.  

Changing Areas 


Our team of membercare assistants will monitor the changing facilities closely. Some of the lockers will be out of action, together with some showers in order so that social distancing is achieved in these areas. These will be clearly labelled with appropriate signage. 

Please check our Coronavirus Update for specific updates on your Country. 

Gym Areas 


Class Timetables have been redesigned which will take into account our social distancing plans. This will be subject to continuous review, as we learn what pressures the club faces over the coming weeks and months. 

Reduced class sizes and careful class timetabling will allow us to ensure there are no bottlenecks and cross-overs in corridors and changing areas. 

Equipment and CV machines will be spaced to achieve social distancing and the gym floor will have prominent floor markings to remind members about ‘’working out’’ safely. 

The water fountains will be out of use and we advise members to please bring their own water/drink. Sweat towels are not permitted to be used in the club. Please use the cleaning stations on offer. 

Please check our Coronavirus Update for specific updates on your Country. 

Cafe Bar/Eating Areas 


All dining and cafe bar tables will be appropriately spaced to maintain social distancing. 

Please check our Coronavirus Update for specific updates on your Country. 

Working Together

Staying safe is everyone’s responsibility and we must all play our part, therefore we would ask our members to please observe the following: 

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you must not attend the Health Club or Spa. 

The list of main symptoms are: 

High temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature) 

New, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual) 

Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal 

We look forward to welcoming you back into the Club. 

Stay Fit Stay Safe 

The Bannatyne Team

Health Club Opening Hours

You can view the new Health Club opening hours HERE.

Bannatyne App &Live-Streamed Classes FAQ

For any app troubleshooting queries, please check the 'Help' tile on your home app. If you are unable to resolve your query, please email appsupport@bannatyne.co.uk 

Please follow this link that will take you to our dedicated Live-Streamed Classes FAQ.

Live-Streamed Classes FAQ

Health Club Booking System

We are presently not operating a booking system as we do not have capacity issues in our clubs. Should the need arise for us to do so, we can implement this accordingly. You will be notified directly if a booking system applies in your home club.*

*Our Bristol health club will operate a booking system in order to safely manage capacity. 

Exercise Classes do operate a booking system as normal and this can be accessed through the normal portal or App

Broadstairs outdoor pool does operate a booking system. Book via the portal or App.

Swimming Pool

The pool is not lifeguarded please pay attention to the pool rules. 

We advise guests to look after their own safety and also look out for other bathers. 

Making Your Membership Payments


Q: What date is my Direct Debit taken? 

A: Direct Debit payments are taking on the 1st working day of each month for all members. There can be no changes to this date. 

Q: How can I make a payment towards my membership or bring my membership fees up to date? 

A: You can make a payment by logging in to your Member Portal here.  

Q: How do I update my Direct Debit details or reinstate an old one? 

A: You can login to your member portal found here and follow section ‘Manage Account’ to change your details or reinstate your old Direct Debit. 

Q: How do I renew my membership? 

A: You can renew your membership through your member portal which can be found here.

Freezing Your Membership

Q: Can I freeze my membership? 

A: You can freeze your membership by visiting your member portal here. We allow memberships to be frozen for between 2 and 6 months at a charge of £10.00 per month. If you are in receipt of a shielding letter, there is no charge to freeze your membership. All freeze requests should be made no later than 20th of the month to take effect from the 1st of the following month. Memberships cannot be cancelled whilst frozen (notice must be served at your usual monthly rate).

Q: I want to end my freeze early? 

A: Please contact your local Health Club team in order to discuss the removal of the freeze on your membership. 

Cancelling Your Membership

Where you are outside your minimum period of membership 

You can cancel your membership by submitting a request in writing to your local Health Club. This can be via email or letter. This request is processed on the 1st of the following month, serving one full calendar months notice to cancel your membership. 

Example: If you request to cancel on the 15th July, this is effective from the 1st August, the final payment will be taken for August, the membership will cancel at the end of August. 

Where you are inside your minimum period of membership 

You are unable to cancel within your minimum term, other than on the below grounds:


If you are likely to be unable to use the Club, by reason of a serious injury or illness, for a period of at least two months (and you are able to provide reasonable evidence of this to us, such as a doctor's certificate). Please submit this request to us in writing along with your evidence, once this is received we will be in touch with you to confirm the next steps. 


If you permanently move away from the area in which the Club is based, such that travelling to the Club is not practical for you, and there is no other alternative club owned by us within a reasonable travelling distance (and you are able to provide reasonable evidence of this to us). Please submit this request to us in writing along with your evidence, once this is received we will be in touch with you to confirm the next steps.


Your financial situation becomes materially worse than it was at your Joining Date, so that continued membership of the Club is unaffordable for you (and you are able to provide reasonable evidence of this to us). Please submit this request to us in writing along with your evidence, once this is received we will be in touch with you to confirm the next steps.

Changes To Your Membership

Q: How do I transfer my membership to a different Health Club? 

A: You may already have access to other Health Clubs, first please check our Cross Usage policy which can be found here. If you do need to transfer to another Health Club, please speak to your local Health Club team who can support you with this. 

Q: I want to change my membership type, how do I do this? 

 A: You can do this by speaking with the local Health Club team who will talk you through your options. 

Q: Can I transfer my membership to someone else? 

A: You can transfer your membership to someone else providing they don’t currently have a membership with us and they are over the age of 18. A reasonable administrative fee will be applicable for this.

Use Of Other Bannatyne Health Clubs

Q: Can I use other Bannatyne Health Clubs?

A: We operate a cross usage policy as a goodwill gesture, allowing you use of clubs in the same 'tier' and below - Cross Usage Policy. You can upgrade your membership to access clubs in higher tiers, if you wish to do so.

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