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Multi-Club Access

Bannatyne Fitness permits its members to use other clubs as well as the club where the membership is based, providing;

  • The club that you wish to use is in the same tier as your base club, or a lower tier.
  • Tier 1 is the highest tier, and lower tiers are sequentially numbered thereafter.
  • If you wish to use a club in a higher tier, you must upgrade to a higher tiered membership, transfer to the other site, or pay a guest fee (if available).
  • If transferring to another site, you must transfer onto a comparable contract rate. i.e. 12 months to 12 months, 1 month to 1 month. If no comparable rate exists, you must select one of the membership rates available, and recommit if necessary. Whilst inside of a 12 month contract, you cannot transfer onto a non-contract rate.
  • If you are an Off Peak or Premier Off Peak member and wish to use a club in a lower tier, you can do so at during the standard Off Peak/Premier Off Peak times, even if that club does not offer that type of membership.
  • Cross usage is offered as a gesture of goodwill. Tiers may be subject to change without notice.**
  • Child members are entitled to the same level of cross usage as the adult member to which they are linked. Please note, child access times vary between health clubs and may not be the same as your base club.

**Charlton House facilities are exclusive to Charlton House members and hotel guests only.

Tier 1
Charlton House  (Ultimate Membership) 
Tier 2
Tier 3
Broadstairs, Tower 42, Weybridge
Tier 4
Banbury, Fairfield, Hastings
Tier 5
Bristol, Cookridge Hall, Colchester - Kingsford Park, Folkestone, Millbank (Westminster)
Tier 6
 Chafford Hundred, Chingford, Dunfermline, Eastbourne Edinburgh Newcraighall, Grove Park, Orpington, Peterborough, Shrewsbury
Tier 7
Ayr, Belfast, Charlton House (Gym Only), Chester-le-Street, Dumfries, Falkirk, Luton, Maida Vale, Sutton Coldfield, York 
Tier 8
Bury St Edmunds, Crewe, Cardigan Fields - Leeds
Tier 9
Aberdeen, Ashford, Barnsley, Braintree, Birmingham Brindleyplace, Burton on Trent, Cardiff, Carlisle, Darlington, Durham, Inverness, Mansfield, Newport, Norwich, Perth, Rotherham, Skelmersdale, Solihull, Stepps, Tamworth, Wakefield, Wellingborough, Worksop 
Tier 10
 Humberston, Ingleby Barwick, Livingston, Milton Keynes
Tier 11
Edinburgh City Centre, Leicester, Lowestoft, Norwich West
Tier 12
Blackpool, Colchester, Coulby Newham
Tier 13
Manchester Chepstow, Manchester Quay, Manchester Whitworth