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Beauport House Gallery

Beauport House Gallery is located within Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings. Curated by Pure Arts Group it presents an ongoing schedule of exhibitions featuring artwork by both local and international artists.

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New Exhibitions

21 March - 23 June
Untitled is a Pure members exhibition.

Marcel Duchamp famously said that a “title is an invisible colour”—and it’s a colour that, for better or worse, wiggles its way into even the most resistant artworks.”

Although it is now considered the norm, the convention of giving titles to artworks has long been challenged by artists.

Pablo Picasso, for example, insisted he had nothing to do with the titles of his works. He preferred the work to speak for itself. “What good does it do, after all, to impart explanations?” he once said. “A painter has only one language.” And for Picasso and many other artists, that language is visual.

All the artwork in this exhibition has a title, however, the exhibition itself, in true Picasso style, is left completely open to the interpretation of the viewer....


Weather, Wind, Water....
21 March - 5 May

Climate affects nearly every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to how we travel, the clothes we wear, to where we go on holiday. It has a huge effect on our livelihoods, our health, and our future.

FORECAST is an exhibition of artwork sourced from an open call responding specifically to the the themes of weather, wind and water. The exhibition curation team will be offering workshops on Sunday 21st April as part of the Pure Wellness day.


Elaine Almond, Shelley Rose, Felicity Heath, Sue England, Colin Merrin, Linda Abrahams, Nick Hebditch, Beverley Johnson, Rowena McWilliams, Philippa Clarke, Jackie Hulford.

To find out more or to discuss exhibition opportunities, please contact our Curator Lesley Samms lesley@pureartsgroup.co.uk