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Nick Acock

Specialisation Areas:

Sports Specific Training, Postural Alignment, Core Conditioning, Biomechanics & Functional Movement 


Premier Level 2 Fitness Instructor 

Premier Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer 

NASAM Performance Enhancement Specialist (P.E.S) 

NASAM Corrective Exercise Specialist  (C.E.S) 

DNAFIT Certified Tester 

A bit about me

I have been very blessed through my training career to have worked with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in competitive sport, worked with the San Francisco 49er's for 1 season and Leicester tigers rugby team. Plus I have trained many minor celebrities for small periods either between clubs or films. 

I have now gone down the management route in my later part of my career but the one thing that can not be beaten is the feeling and look of satisfaction of someone achieving their personal goals, and seeing that look of happiness and achievement.... This ONLY HAPPENS if you get follow this mantra - "You only get out what you put in." 

What my clients have to say:

"Nick doesn't just train you physically, he develops you mentally as well so you understand it's not just about training hard it's how you treat the rest of life that makes you make change and achieve feats that you never saw yourself getting to..."

Contact details:

fitness.banbury@bannatyne.co.uk | 01295258777 |