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Hatton Boxing Fitness Camp Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions - Hatton Boxing Fitness Camp

These terms and conditions govern the Hatton Boxing Fitness Camp (called “Hatton Boxing” in these terms) that you can add to your health club membership at Reception. Please read these terms carefully before you apply. The health club terms and conditions, the Club Rules and the Silver Wellness Bundle terms and conditions also apply to your membership. If you have any questions about Hatton Boxing, please ask a member of our Reception team.


1. In order to participate in Hatton Boxing, you must hold a current live membership with a participating Bannatyne health club. If your membership has been frozen/suspended, you will not be able to add Hatton Boxing onto your membership, nor will you be able to receive any benefit of Hatton Boxing until your membership is live again. Hatton Boxing is available to members aged 16 years or over and is not available to guests of members.

2. Hatton Boxing is personal to you and cannot be transferred to any other person. Joint members take Hatton Boxing on an individual basis and therefore, one joint member cannot transfer Hatton Boxing to the other joint member.


3. Hatton Boxing currently includes the following services. Please note that the services may be varied from time to time:

a) ten Hatton Boxing sessions delivered by duly trained Bannatyne staff;
b) a Hatton Boxing kit, which currently includes mitts, gloves, a hoodie and a t-shirt; and
c) a Silver Wellness Bundle free for the duration of the 10-week course the Hatton Boxing course (separate terms and conditions apply).

4. Your Silver Wellness Bundle will automatically continue after 10 weeks and you will be required to pay the applicable monthly fee by direct debit. If you do not wish this to happen, please return your Myzone belt to Reception on the last day of the Hatton Boxing course to have the Bundle removed from your membership. If you do not return your Myzone belt to us in this way, you will be charged for the Silver Wellness Bundle until the Myzone belt is returned to us. 

Duration, Frozen Membership and Cancellation

5. Duration. Our Hatton Boxing courses last for 10 weeks. Your Hatton Boxing course will commence on the day of the first Hatton Boxing session and the contract will last between us for 10 weeks. Unfortunately we do not permit members to join a course once the course has already started.

6. Frozen/Suspended Membership. If your health club membership is frozen or suspended in accordance with your health club terms and conditions, your Hatton Boxing will also be frozen/suspended, and you will not be able to attend any Hatton Boxing sessions or use any of your Silver Wellness Bundle benefits until your membership is live again.

7. Cancellation by you. You can cancel your Hatton Boxing at any time by providing us with at least 14 days’ notice. If you cancel your Hatton Boxing before the end of the course, you will be liable for Hatton Boxing fees for the remainder of the course.

8. Cancellation by us. We may cancel your Hatton Boxing membership if you commit a serious breach (or frequent repeated breaches) of these terms, the health club terms, Club Rules or the Silver Wellness Bundle terms and conditions, if you fail to make payment when it is due, or if we reasonably believe that your continued membership poses a risk to the safety and wellbeing of any members, their guests or our staff.

9. Cancellation and your health club membership. If you cancel your health club membership, we will also automatically cancel any Hatton Boxing you have. If the reason for cancellation is due to serious illness or injury, redundancy/job loss or relocation, if you provide satisfactory evidence to us, you will receive a pro rata refund for the Hatton Boxing fees.

10. Non-attendance. If you cannot attend a Hatton Boxing session, you will lose the benefit of the session and no refund will be due to you.

11. Late arrival. If you are late for a Hatton Boxing session, your session will be shortened accordingly and you will not be entitled to receive a refund.

Purchasing & Payment

12. Please purchase Hatton Boxing at Reception.

13. Hatton Boxing must be paid for at Reception as follows:

a) £75.00 deposit to secure your place on the course;
b) £87.50 to be paid before the course commences; and
c) £87.50 to be paid by the end of the fourth week of the course.

14. We can change Hatton Boxing fees at any time by giving you at least 30 days’ notice in writing. If you do not wish to pay the higher fee, you can cancel your Hatton Boxing by giving us notice to cancel in accordance with these terms.

15. If you fall into arrears with your Hatton Boxing fees, we reserve the right to cease your access to the club and/or Hatton Boxing sessions until all arrears are paid.

Other terms

16. Loss or damage to kit. Bannatyne Fitness Limited and Hatton Boxing Limited are not liable for any loss or damage to the kit which is provided as part of the course. If you lose/damage your kit at any time and require a replacement, such replacements can be purchased from the club. Please ask a member of the Reception team for the current prices.

17. Physical condition of member. You warrant and represent that you are in good physical condition and the information contained in your pre-exercise questionnaire or health declaration (which you should complete before commencing any exercise programme), is true and accurate. Furthermore, you warrant that you are capable of engaging in active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort or physical condition.

18. Injuries. Please be advised that your trainer is unable to treat you for any injuries or medical conditions.


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