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Terms and Conditions of Membership - Wellness Membership Gifting

These terms and conditions govern Wellness Membership Gifts (called “Wellness Gifts” in these terms). Please read these terms carefully before you make your purchase. Separate terms and conditions will also apply to the gift recipient, such as the (Health Club) Terms and Conditions of Membership, the Club Rules, Hotel Rules, Spa terms and conditions and hotel terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about Wellness Gifting, please ask a member of our Reception team.


1.        In order to purchase a Wellness Gift, you do not need to be a Bannatyne member.

2.        Wellness Gifts are only available for individuals aged 16 years or over.  

Duration, Frozen Membership and Cancellation

3.            Duration. All Wellness Gifts must be redeemed within one year of purchase. Any Wellness Gifts not used by this date will expire and no alternative (cash or otherwise) will be available.

4.            Frozen/suspended membership. If the gift recipient is an existing member and his/her membership has been frozen or suspended, the Wellness Gift will not be able to be redeemed by him/her until the membership is live again. 

5.            Cancellation by you. If you change your mind within 14 days of purchase and the Wellness Gift has not yet been redeemed by the gift recipient, you will be entitled to a full refund. Please note that if the Wellness Gift has already been redeemed by the gift recipient, it is not possible to provide a refund.

6.            Cancellation of purchases by gift recipient. Please see the separate:

    a.    (Health Club) Terms and Conditions of Membership about the gift recipient’s Health Club membership cancellation rights (www.bannatyne.co.uk/health-club/online-terms);

   b.   Spa terms and conditions for the gift recipient’s spa bookings cancellation rights (www.bannatyne.co.uk/spa/spa-terms-and-conditions); and

   c.     Hotel terms and conditions for the gift recipient’s hotel bookings cancellation rights (www.bannatyne.co.uk/hotel/terms-and-conditions).   

Purchasing & Payment

7.            How to Purchase. You can purchase Wellness Gifts via click and collect at any of our Health Clubs or Hotels (purchase online beforehand and collect at the Club or Hotel for free), or online at www.bannatyne.co.uk/gifting (via eVoucher or hard copy posted straight to the recipient), by using a credit or debit card. Payment can also be made using Klarna option (conditions apply) as follows:

  1. Pay later in three instalments. The first payment is taken when the order is placed; the second and third instalments are taken after 30 and 60 days respectively. 

  2. Get 30 days to pay. You will receive payment instructions from Klarna once your order has been completed and you will be required to pay the outstanding sum within 30 days at klarna.com. 

8.            Redemption. Once you have given the Wellness Gift to your gift recipient, to activate and use the Wellness Gift, he/she will need to:

    a.  Health Club Membership – come to the Health Club’s Reception to activate the Wellness Gift and either: (i) a 1, 3, 6 or 12-month individual membership will be created for the gift recipient; or (ii) the value of the Wellness Gift will be added to the gift recipient’s membership as a credit balance and each month, the monthly membership fee will be drawn down from the credit balance; or

    b.   Bannatyne Hotel and Bannatyne Spa – the gift card will be activated when he/she redeems the Wellness Gift.

9.            Prices. If the gift recipient purchases a Health Club Membership, the membership fees will be the relevant fees for the Health Club as at the 1st of each calendar month.  

10. Offers. A Wellness Gift cannot be used with any other discount, offer or promotion, except, in the case of Health Club Membership Wellness Gifts, where joining fees have been waived or reduced. Please also see clause 13.

11.   What the Wellness Gift can be used for. Wellness Gifts can be used as full or part payment for the following:

    a.  Health Club – for Health Club Memberships, personal training sessions, café bar spend, retail stock purchases, locker hire, towel hire, tennis lessons and/or guest passes;

    b.  Bannatyne Spa - for spa days, spa breaks, spa treatments or spa products; and/or

    c.  Bannatyne Hotel – for accommodation, food, drink and afternoon tea packages. Weddings and other events cannot be paid for using Wellness Gifts.  

12.   Health Clubs, Hotels and Spas only. Wellness Gifts can only be used to pay for services in person at Bannatyne Health Clubs, Hotels and Spas. Spa breaks, spa days and spa treatments can also be purchased online using a Spa Wellness Gift.

13.   Joining Fee. If a Health Club Membership Wellness Gift is purchased in which a joining fee has been paid for, if no joining fee applies at the time the Wellness Gift is redeemed, the gift recipient may use the remaining balance towards other services in accordance with clause 11.

14.   Balance. The balance of the Wellness Gift can be checked in your local Bannatyne Health Club, Bannatyne Hotel or Bannatyne Spa.

15.   Health Club Membership – all Health Club Memberships will end on the last day of a calendar month. If the gift recipient is purchasing a Health Club Wellness Gift, the balance of the gift card will firstly be used to pay:

    a.  The joining fee (if applicable); then

    b.  The pro rata amount of membership fees for the remainder of the current calendar month; and then

    c.  The membership fees for the following month(s).

  If the gift recipient joins part-way through a month, he/she may need to pay an additional amount towards membership fees if the gift card balance is not sufficient to pay up to the end of a calendar month. Gift recipients should read the (Health Club) Terms and Conditions of Membership in full before redeeming their Health Club Wellness Gift. Please note that as part of the Health Club Membership joining process, the gift recipient may be required to complete a direct debit mandate.


16.   Wellness Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or any other part or full payment towards anything other than those services set out in clause 11 above.

17.   Any bookings for spa days, spa breaks or spa treatments purchased using a Bannatyne Spa Wellness Gift or hotel bookings purchased using a Bannatyne Hotel Gift are subject to availability.

18.   Purchase of a Health Club Wellness Gift is not automatic acceptance of the gift recipient’s membership application. The membership application and acceptance process is set out in clause 3 of the (Health Club) Terms and Conditions of Membership.

19.   Any credit balance added to the gift recipient’s Health Club membership as a result of redeeming a Health Club Wellness Gift can only be used for payment of services (in accordance with clause 11) and cannot be used to set-off against any debt accrued on the gift recipient’s membership.


20.   You should treat the Wellness Gift as cash. If a Wellness Gift is lost or stolen, we can cancel it to stop anyone spending any remaining balance and issue you with a new Wellness Gift, but we cannot refund any balance that has already been spent. If your Wellness Gift is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately via our online enquiry form.

21.   Bannatyne is not responsible for any unauthorised use of the Wellness Gift.

22.   Once the gift recipient has redeemed the Wellness Gift, the Wellness Gift is personal to him/her and cannot be transferred to any other person.

23.   Wellness Gifts are promoted by Bannatyne Fitness Limited (registered company number 03287770) and Bannatyne Hotels Limited (registered company number 03271621) both of Power House, Haughton Road, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL1 1ST.