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Help us raise money to provide life changing smiles

Operation Smile Week

Help us raise money to provide life changing smiles during Operation Smile Week! 

Operation Smile works to ensure that no child living with a cleft condition suffers from a lack of access to surgery. 

Every Bannatyne Health Club will be hosting lots of great fundraising events throughout the week, come along and get involved! 

If you would like to support, please text OPSMILE to 70660 to donate £3
text OPSMILE £ with the amount you wish to donate

What Operation Smile means to me

"I began to learn about Operation Smile when I went on my first mission to Mexico in 2013. I have done a lot of work for charity over the years, but this was by far the most emotional experience I have ever had in my life.

Charity work often leaves you feeling depressed, and helpless thinking "there must be more I can do". Operation Smile is different. You see first hand a child's life changed forever by a simple operation that takes less than one hour. You see the children's new smile and the happy tears of their parents. For me, it doesn't get much better than that.  

It costs approximately £150 to give a child a new smile and to provide them with a normal life. Their parents can watch them have a normal childhood with friends, get an education and fall in love. We need to keep making this happen because there are still so many children suffering."

- Duncan Bannatyne OBE D.Sc. DBA   


Ghana Mission 2015

In 2015 The Bannatyne Group raised over £135,000 for Operation Smile and we were able to proudly fund a medical mission in Ghana. The mission was a great success with over 160 children operated on and their lives changed forever.  

Andreas Ratcliffe, our Cluster Manager from Manchester, was nominated to attend the mission and represent The Bannatyne Group. Watch the video below to see the wonderful work we were able to do with Operation Smile. Thank you to our members and our sponsors, without your support this would not have been possible. 

Watch the mission video below.


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