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Start Smart

Start Now.  Start Smart.  Start Bannatyne!  

Bannatyne Health Clubs are always at the cutting edge of technology on the gym floor, so, in order to enhance your experience further and ensure that you start on the right track, we have designed “Start Smart” which is a complementary addition to your Bannatyne membership.  The most important part? It will provide the support you need, in order to achieve success with your fitness goals. And all at no additional charge.

So what is “Start Smart”?  

Start Smart is a 12 week support programme.  During which time, our trainers will provide guidance and expertise, providing useful information and tips in order to improve your fitness and wellbeing, as you progress along your member journey.  

Our experts will help you to understand more about you and your fitness needs.  Providing you with your very own personal InBody report. This will help you to understand more about you - specifically your weight, muscle and fat levels.  They will also discuss and review with you, the benefits of MyZone, following a MyZone session in order to show your current cardiovascular fitness levels - which is a great indicator of your heart health.  And finally, they will review and discuss, primal movements, providing you with an analysis in order to design a bespoke programme which will allow you to achieve results to improve your daily way of life. This may all sound very daunting, and we appreciate that for some, the fitness journey may seem scary but we are here to support you every step along the way.  

Key touch point dates will be booked to suit your diary needs, where your progress is reviewed in a friendly and supportive manner.  As well as providing you with key information to make any positive changes and to allow time for discussing any concerns or raising any additional requirements. 

Whatever your fitness goals.  Together we can achieve more.