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Helen Wilson

Specialisation Areas:

Strength and Conditioning


Level 3 Master Trainer Australian Institute

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

REPs Registered

Advanced Boxing and Padwork, competed in the England ABAs

A bit about me

I have worked at Wildmoor for the past 11 years as a proven and well established Personal Trainer. Training clients with all levels of fitness.

I like to make my Clients work a little bit harder than they think they can and push their boundaries that little bit more. Fitness is a journey and I fully intend to get you to your destination (even if that involves kicking and screaming).

What my clients have to say:

"Helen is a straight talking Northerner who does not mince her words, however she is also ridiculously funny and a great friend who rallies me round on the days I just don't want to train. Getting praise from her is definitely earned and not given lightly. She makes sessions fun as well as challenging so I am never bored. Overall a great trainer with patience of a Saint, who is always at hand and committed to my progression. "

Contact details:

definingyou@btinternet.com | 07786754882 |