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Oliver Cooke

Specialisation Areas:

Strength and Conditioning


ACTIVE IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 3 Personal Training In Progress

A bit about me

My passion for fitness began when i was 8 when I began Dancing and playing Hockey, within a couple years I had progressed leaps and bounds passing grades and performing at county level.

As i became older I experimented with new sports such as mixed martial arts, cross country running, long and short distance athletics, fencing, rugby and swimming. At 16 i first competed for England in cross country then at 17 i represented England in the u18’s Hockey.

Due to an ongoing back injury i had to stop playing hockey, so i began to focus my attention on Fitness. This was where my journey began as i completed an extended diploma in sport alongside my Level 2 Gym Instructing Qualification with an overall Distinction.

My journey in the fitness industry has only just begun and there is so much for me to accomplish as i aspire to become a personal trainer.

I'm also a good laugh as well as easy to talk to and determined so if you ever feel like getting to know a bit more about me just say hi!

Contact details:

fitness.norwich@bannatyne.co.uk | 01603 439965 |