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Elliott Heading

Specialisation Areas:

Natural Bodybuilding, technique improvements in major lifts and free weight exercises, beginner to advanced nutrition strategies for size gain or fat loss 


Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 3 Personal Training

Advanced Nutrition

Weight management

A bit about me

Hi, I'm Elliott, qualified gym instructor and personal trainer. After finishing University, working small jobs and feeling very underwhelmed by the opportunities presented by both, I was worried about what I would do in the future. The thing I cared about the most was training in the gym and my physique, to which I spent a great deal of time working on it and talking to people about the subject. 

I have always struggled with self image, this really was and remains a major reason for why I train and look to better myself, especially aesthetically, which many clients have related to me with. It was suggested to me that I'd suit a role in the fitness industry and eventually I decided to do just that, qualifying with Premier Training in 2014. Shortly after, I was given a role of looking after a small gym, and for 3 years this was done single handedly. 

I became restricted by my old job in terms of progression which is why I'm so excited to be part of the team here at Bannatynes, working in a City, meeting many new people and learning much more than ever, as well as building on the skills I already have, which I'd list as - Bodybuilding and strength based training for improved body composition goals such as muscle size and or fat loss - in depth Nutrition Guidance from beginner to advanced clients - a friendly, highly professional, yet understanding step by step approach to help clients feel at ease towards reaching their goals. 

Contact details:

fitness.norwichwest@bannatyne.co.uk | 01603 748500 |