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At Bannatyne Health Clubs, we offer more than just a gym membership. 

Our members enjoy a lifestyle of healthy living, accompanied by first class advice and training programmes tailor-made by our fitness team to make sure each individual's goals are met. 

An all inclusive membership with Bannatyne provides the opportunity for you to take advantage of our extensive health club facilities and personalised services, including access to expert personal trainers and complimentary fitness evaluations when you join.  

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Membership options

Full - You can use the Health Club anytime on any day, within opening hours.

Premier Off peak - You have reduced access to the club, with access Monday - Friday 9am - 4.30pm PLUS full access at weekends within opening times.

Off Peak - You have reduced access to the club, with access Monday - Friday 9am - 4.30pm.

Day pass - You receive full use of Health Club facilities for one day. Why not bring along a friend and boost your workout together?

Membership options and prices vary at each club. To find out membership prices, please visit our join online page here.

Cross Usage 

Membership of a club allows you to use any club in a lower or equal cost tier. Tiers may change without notice. To find out your tier and what other clubs you can use, please click here.

Membership Benefits

At Bannatyne Health Clubs, we pride ourselves on a commitment to great customer service. Our membership policies are designed with this in mind, to make any changes to your membership as simple as possible.

Find out more about Member Benefits

Freezing Your Membership

You're welcome to freeze your membership for between 2 and 6 months, to a maximum of 6 months in any rolling 12 month period.  A small retaining fee is charged for each month of the freeze, and if you are within a minimum term contract, or prepaid agreement, your membership will be extended by the period of the freeze.

Please ensure you make your request by the 20th of the month, to commence a freeze from the following month.

For full terms and conditions of freezing, contact our Head Office Membership Department by calling on 0344 477 4777, or emailing

Transferring Your Membership

Whilst memberships are personal, and may not be shared, as a goodwill gesture we do allow memberships to be transferred to another person. The recipient must be over the age of 18, not a current member, and nor a previous member with any outstanding liability. An administration fee is payable.

To discuss transferring your membership to another person, contact our Head Office Membership Department by calling on 0344 477 4777, or emailing

Cancelling Your Membership

At Bannatyne Health Clubs, we try to keep this straightforward. Simply, if you are outside of your minimum term agreement, all you need to do is give us a month notice, effective from the first of the following month.

If you are inside of your minimum term, you can cancel for the end of your agreement (provided notice given exceeds a month effective from the first of the following month).

We also allow memberships to be cancelled on grounds of illness/injury, or involuntary loss of employment. This is subject to receipt of documentation, and a month notice.

For full cancellation terms, you can contact your local club team, or our Head Office Membership Department by calling on 0344 477 4777, or emailing

Read our online terms and conditions here

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