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Live-streamed classes FAQ's

Q) How do I access the live-streamed classes?

A) Download the Bannatyne App on your mobile phone, visit the App and select your local club.
Click the 'Bannatyne Live' icon
Here you can view the class timetable
When the time of your chosen class comes, simply click on the class and select 'Livestream'

Please note that you will need to log in to your member portal to access this. 

Q: Do I need to book? 

A: No, simply follow the access instructions above at the time the class starts.

Q: Do I need to pay? 

A: No, live-streamed classes are included in your membership.

Q: It says there's a £2 charge?

A: There's a slight gremlin in the system and our developers are working on it - don't worry we aren't charging you for this class.

We have been advised that members who get this message should:

Check and install the latest version from your application Store - it should be v4.68 or above 

Then make sure you log out (under the three lines in the top corner). Go to accounts click the blue door next to your login - then say ok to logout message - click back into the club and choose 'Class Bookings' tile and then you will see login in the top right corner - log in with your username and password then go to live-stream tile and it will then allow access to the live-streams. 

Q: Streaming doesn't start on my phone?

A: Please check your internet connection and try restarting the App.

Q: The live-streamed class has frozen/ keeps buffering 

A: This is usually resolved with a stable internet connection or restarting the App.

Q: Can I stream the classes to a TV?

A: Yes, if your device supports this.

Q: Can I use my computer to access the classes?

A: No, the App is not compatible with desktops or laptops.


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