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LES MILLS SMART TECH £500k worth of investment in both studio & new virtual equipment!

Classes & Timetable at Charlton House

Charlton House now offer a range of group exercise classes on offer including high-octane Hiit training, fun-filled Dancercise or relaxing Yoga. From energising cardiovascular and sculpting classes to relaxing mind and body activities, we have an exercise class to suit you. 

£500,000 worth of Smart Tech Investment!

We are so proud to have worked in partnership with Les Mills for over 15 years.

We are currently investing in the latest Les Mills Smart Tech equipment in every health club nationwide. We have invested £500,000 in both studio and new virtual equipment to give our members the best group exercise experience!

Check out our latest Les Mills launch below.


For a full timetable, visit the Bannatyne App. You can book a class through our members portal online or via the Bannatyne app up to 3 days in advance. 

View the full timetable and book a class via the Bannatyne App

B.fiit - CARBON

B:fiit is our BRAND NEW HIIT series!  

A simple yet tough workout experience!

This is an 18 minute HIIT workout consisting of 3 rounds, each round has the same 7 bodyweight exercises and a ‘Core Blast’ finisher between each round.

B.fiit - SHIFT

SHIFT is a 20 minute HIIT workout consisting of 5 rounds, each showcasing a pair of movements. 

One exercise is performed at a reduced tempo, then another similar exercise is performed at a higher tempo or with more explosiveness.

Each round you are ‘shifting’ your intensity between similar exercise patterns, with each new pattern targeting a different part of the body.

B.fiit - RINSE

RINSE is a 20 minute HIIT workout consisting of 3 rounds.

The first 2 rounds contain different groups of 4 separate exercises performed individually with rest intervals, then back to back without rest.

The 3rd and final round consists of all 8 movements executed in the same way!

So a ‘Rinse and repeat’!

Watch out for the RINSE finisher at the end!

B:fiit - CLIMB

Climb this brutal workout ladder to get 2022 started!

The workout consists of 5 rounds of 30s work and 20s rest adding an extra movement to each round.

Repeat a second time with different exercises followed by a tough core finisher!

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