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B:INSPIRED Bannatyne Influencers

Welcome to the B:Inspired influencer portal.

Bannatyne Health Clubs

At Bannatyne Health Clubs we provide more than just a gym membership. We provide premium facilities and on-site spas at most of our locations. 

Many of our health clubs have recently undergone refurbishments to ensure that we are providing the best facilities for our members, with a vast array of cutting-edge equipment. We have modernised many of our cafe bar facilities and we invite members to enjoy a meal with us, pick up a post workout grenade supplement or soak up some vitamins with a freshly squeezed orange juice or smoothie. Finally, in a world increasingly cluttered with noise and stress, stepping into one of our spas where men and women alike can completely relax and unwind provides the perfect antidote to modern day life.

B:Inspired Influencers

We want to spread the word about our enhanced facilities and what we offer, which is why we have built up a team of inspirational people who represent our values. 

Whilst we provide all the equipment that our members need, our influencers can act as a support network of motivators to anyone on a personal fitness journey. Simply follow their Instagram accounts and join our growing community.

Becoming a B:Inspired Influencer

Bannatyne currently has 72 Health Clubs. We hope to continue to expand our physical presence across the UK and to do this we are building a team of like-minded individuals to represent us online.

If you share our values, and have a will to support others on their fitness journey, you may be the kind of B:Inspired influencer we are looking for! 

To get in touch about this you can contact us by emailing influencer@bannatyne.co.uk. 

We will run through the criteria with you and see if you have what it takes!

Here's several of our influencers, from various clubs across the Bannatyne Group, reaping the benefits of being members!

Amy Humphreys


AGE: 22

CLUB: Wildmoor - Stratford upon Avon

Marks Fat 2 Fit


AGE: 43


Rosie gets Fit


AGE: 30

CLUB: Cookridge Hall

Chloe Langer


AGE: 25

CLUB: Milton Keynes

Troy Williamson


AGE: 27

CLUB: Darlington

Amelia Freeman


AGE: 25

CLUB: Hastings

Christine Fairhurst


AGE: 35

CLUB: Weybridge

Don Strapzy


AGE: 28

CLUB: Grove Park, London

Georgia Butler


AGE: 22

CLUB: Norwich

On advice from the Government, we have been instructed to close our Health Clubs, Spas and Hotels until further notice.
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