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Robyn's Story - Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Robyn's Story - Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Meet Robyn! Robyn started her Bannatyne journey at our Chester Le Street club five years ago and has an amazing story to tell.

Struggling with anxiety and depression combined with taking medication, Robyn gained four stone and found herself in a cycle of overeating.

Robyn said “Despite having visions of the gym being somewhat of a scary place and thinking everyone would be looking at me, I knew I had to do this for my mental health to improve, so I built up the courage to join Bannatyne Chester Le Street and started weight training with my dad.”

Robyn lost a stone and a half, and her confidence started building, so much so that she began introducing cardio to her workouts and participating in classes, such as group cycle, BodyPump and BodyCombat. Joining in the classes boosted Robyn’s confidence further and she started to enjoy the social element and began making friends with other members and staff.

Robyn added: “When I first joined, I would walk in with my head down, not speaking to anyone. As my mental health started improving and I gained more confidence, I found myself walking in with my head held high, saying hello and chatting to staff and other members. I also passed my driving test and a big reason behind this, was to be able to visit the club on my own and train more often.”

Robyn utilised the InBody machine on the gym floor to help monitor her progress which resulted in seeing her body fat and body mass decreasing and muscle mass increasing.

She said: “I tracked my progress and kept the InBody records, as well as taking photos as a form of motivation and a reminder of where I started from.

“Lockdown posed a big challenge to me, but I wanted to ensure I kept up my fitness and stayed motivated while I was unable to attend the gym. I bought a treadmill and kettlebell and used these for home workouts, as well as doing the ‘couch to 5k’ however I am so pleased to be back in the club and using the variety of equipment I've missed.

“I feel safe returning due to the measurements the club have put in place to provide a safe and clean environment and it’s great to be back seeing the friendly staff and members.”

Robyn trains 4 / 5 times a week and to date has lost three and a half stone, however more importantly is no longer on medication for depression and anxiety.

Robyn said: “It sounds completely cliched, however I feel like a different person and this hasn’t been a quick fix, it’s been a lifestyle change that I continue with today.”