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PT Cammy from Dunfermline

PT Cammy from Dunfermline

We received a fantastic testimonial from one of our Dunfermline members.

‘I have recently embarked on a Personal Training Journey with Cammy, and I am delighted with the confidence and the results so far and we are only half way through the programme.

Cammy set me at ease from the beginning in relation to understanding what I wanted to achieve which primarily was to tone legs/butt and develop core strength and give me the confidence and technique to use weights and machines in the gym.

In the six weeks so far, I have gone from struggling to lift a barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell etc to doing reps of squats with a 24kg kettlebell and hip thrusting 65kg which is more than my body weight which I am astounded with.

I have started to see definition and toning of my body as it becomes stronger.

Cammy observes extremely well, offering guidance and advice to ensure the technique is correct, he pushes you outside your comfort zone whilst encouraging you and giving you faith that you can and will do it no problem!’