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Personal Training at Bannatyne Dunfermline

Personal Training at Bannatyne Dunfermline

Dunfermline based personal trainer Kyle has achieved incredible results with his client Joe, who after four-weeks, reduced his body fat by two per cent and gained two kilograms of muscle mass.

Joe also increased his bench press, which has hovered at 40 kilograms stubbornly for more than two years to achieve 52 kilograms for repetitions - that’s more than a ten kilogram jump in weight within four weeks.

As part of Joe’s training, Kyle prioritised strength training and proper form. Joe has put in the hard work and trusted Kyle in the process.

Joe said: “I've been hovering around 40 kilograms on the bench press for more than two years! I've gone up from 40, to 42.5, to 45, and now it's at 52.5. I’m really pleased with the progress.”

If you’re interested in personal training, contact your local Bannatyne health club or fill out an enquiry form and hand it in to the team.