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Kate from Chester-Le-Street

Kate from Chester-Le-Street

Kate's journey – Kate is a member at our Chester-le-Street club

I have been a member since July 2018 but never truly acknowledged the benefits of exercise, that is until March 2019 when I suffered a cardiac arrest totally out of the blue. I was saved by my husband who commenced CPR followed by an amazing team of paramedics. As part of the cardiac rehabilitation, I was introduced to a variety of exercises and began to see the benefits to both my emotional and physical wellbeing. However, I struggled to continue to motivate myself once this was completed, which is why I returned to my own gym, Bannatyne Chester- Le-Street.

My husband suggested trying PT sessions and since then, I have never looked back. Martin took a comprehensive approach to my health history and carefully planned sessions in line with my capabilities, my confidence increased so much that I started to go into the gym on my own in addition to the PT sessions and take part in group exercise.

During the pandemic the gym for me has always felt safe and I have attended throughout, and the team of staff are amazing. I would encourage anyone to take this journey and even after serious illness feel safe to take those first tentative steps to a new healthier life.