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John - Solihull

John - Solihull

Meet John, one of our loyal Solihull members. John has been a member of the club since 1997 and wanted to share his story with us.

John said: “I have always enjoyed physical exercise and realised how it can help improve and maintain my lifestyle. However, as with all things you need to not only commit to what you are doing but ensure that you are enjoying it too.

“At present I have to control my blood sugar levels better as I have type 2 diabetes. With professional help, I have re-focussed my efforts on cutting down on the things that are full of sugar. I recognise that I only have one life, so I will have the odd piece of cake or favourite cookie, but not go too ‘off the rails’.

“I exercise most days and I do a mixture of yoga, weights for muscle tone, cross trainer and a swim. I usually do two out of those for most times that I visit the health club.

“Having taken more control of my diet, I feel so much better. With the accompanying exercise, I wake up feeling more refreshed and better in myself. The arthritic pains I got in different parts of my body appear less often.

“So, in conclusion, I highly recommend making good use of the health club mixed with a sensible approach to one’s diet and enjoying the opportunities of a good gym.”

Everyone at Bannatynes congratulates you on your inspiring journey, John, and for choosing to make healthier choices for your wellbeing. We are happy that you have committed to your wellness journey with us, and you should be proud of your progress, efforts and commitment to make a change for the better. Well done!