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FuelSmart Feedback at Bannatyne Folkestone

FuelSmart Feedback at Bannatyne Folkestone

Folkestone members Carol and Dennis recently completed our FuelSmart programme, clocking up a fantastic two stone weight loss!

They had this to say about FuelSmart:

“Coming out of the pandemic we wanted to regain our fitness and lose weight but felt we couldn't do that by just going to the gym.

“Britteny our trainer, introduced us to FuelSmart and subsequently has focused on improving our fitness with a variety of incremental and gradually challenging exercises tailored to our abilities. She has also helped us to understand the make-up of the food we are eating to maximise our weight loss without losing the enjoyment of eating a varied diet.

“The six-week course has been a real eye-opener and a springboard to our future weight management. It has been a good choice with excellent results.”