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Coast to Coast walk

Coast to Coast walk

You may remember back in May when we told you about our Carlisle member, Mark Harding, who was taking part in a challenge to raise money for MIND and Great North Air Ambulance. /bl... Well, we are pleased to say that Mark completed his challenge last month!

We caught up with Mark about the challenge.

He said: “I’m overwhelmed to tell you that I completed the Coast to Coast walk in six days and eight hours! We were very lucky with the weather on the walk.

“It was very long days for me to complete the mileage that we needed but I am very comfortable with switching off to complete any task that I put my mind to. Plus, it was for a great cause for all the amazing work Great North Air Ambulance and MIND do for people.

“We met some amazing people who donated along the way and were so shocked that someone with my injury was tackling the Coast to Coast walk as it’s not very disabled friendly at all, but we managed to get round the hard bits with Scott and Liam holding on to me.

“To date I’ve been told I'm the only quadriplegic disabled person that has completed Wainwrights Coast to Coast walk, which is an overwhelming feeling and my biggest accomplishment since learning to walk again. It wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have the help of Scott’s niece, Amy, and her boyfriend who drove the support vehicle and helped set up our tents, so everything was ready when we got there.

“I would also like to mention Scott, who loaned the vehicle for the support which was a massive help. The donation page is going to be left open for another few weeks if people would like to donate.”   Well done Mark! If you would still like to donate please visit the GoFundMe page - http://www.gofund.me/cafc081b